Husband sues wife for being a ‘s_ex maniac’


A Domboshava man yesterday yanked his wife to court accusing her of harassing him and uncontrollably demanding sex. Michael Motsi brought his wife, Shanangu Motsi, to the Harare Civil Court where he was seeking a protection order against her.

We go to church and I am the assistant headman in Domboshava. I married her more than two years ago and she is the second woman I married after my first wife passed away. She forcibly removes my underwear and accuses me of infidelity every time I come home.

“When children from my first wife call, she accuses me of gossiping about her. I tried to seek help from neighbours, our pastor and the police after she threatened to poison herself and our child,” Michael said.


He told the court that he confiscated a pesticide and traditional herbs from Shanangu which she wanted to use to commit suicide. Michael also said they tried to consult their pastor, but the situation has not changed.

He pleaded with the court to intervene, saying Shanangu was affecting his relationship with his children from his first marriage. In her defence, Shanangu said she was forced to behave in such a way because their sex life had changed.

“The times we used to have sex have declined and on taking off his underwear I would be trying to show him that I want sex so that I would save our marriage. I ended up suspecting he was having an affair because he refused to oblige.

“I am the one who called the pastor after realising we were going nowhere. I later decided to kill myself because everything I tried had failed,” she said.

Shanangu said Michael twisted her finger after she demanded sex. She complained that she had lost weight because Michael was resisting her sexual advances. Magistrate Ms Tatenda Manhanzva ruled in Michael’s favour and ordered Shanangu to stop the abuse


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