Husband’s Pictures with Small house exposes his Secret love affair in court


A woman yesterday shamed her husband at the Maintenance Court when she brought pictures of the man and his “secret lover” having a nice time at the lover’s house.

Nolitha Chikawonda of Khami Prison on the outskirts of Bulawayo, brought before the court pictures of her husband Tichaona Chikawonda with his girlfriend, whose name was not given in court, as evidence that he had abandoned his family and moved in with the woman.

Chikawonda claimed $300 for herself and three children from Tichaona, a prison officer.


She told magistrate Tinashe Tashaya that her husband stopped providing for his family when he started living with the other woman.

“He only came home after receiving court summons. I’ve pictures of him with his girlfriend. I’m not employed. I survive on selling vegetables,” said Chikawonda.

Tichaona told the court that he has been supporting his children all along.

“Your worship I’m staying with my family. I always support my children. I buy them groceries every month and I also pay school fees for my children. I offer $150 for my children. I only get $337 every month because I took some loans to buy cattle, a computer and residential stand,” he said.

Tashaya ordered Tichaona to pay $230 for the upkeep of his wife and three children with effect from March 31, 2016.

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