Hwindi Gives H00KER MAJOR S-E-X until She Faints

A hwindi was dragged in court by a H00KER claiming to have been raped after he allegedly offered to pay in Rands saying he did not have enough US dollars. Calisto Sayi aged 35 said the thigh vendor was framing him.
“After finishing (s3x) she said $5 was not enough before she started demanding $20 which I didn’t have.
“I gave her R50 and she refused saying she wanted dollars before she went and reported me to the police saying I had raped her,” said Sayi.
The incident happened on September 7. The court heard that the pair met at a bar and they started buying each other beer.
Sayi asked the unnamed adult vendor to accompany him to his flat to collect cash to buy more beer.
When they arrived at the flat, the gate was locked which forced the pair to jump over it.
When inside the house, Sayi allegedly strangled the H00KER and raped her until she passed out. The woman claimed that when she regained consciousness she found herself undressed with Sayi on top of her.
When she asked him what he was doing, Sayi threatened her. After her release, the hooker went straight to the police leading to Sayi’s arrest.
In court Sayi said, “I had two condoms and she is the one who assisted me to wear one of them.
While engaging in s3x she received a call from a person who was asking her where she was and she lied to him that she was doing something at home and we continued.
“The condom later slipped from my organ before I asked her to give me another one. She failed to locate it and I had to go out to get more condoms.
“When I came back I found her asleep and she told me to do it faster as he wanted to go,” he said while giving evidence before regional Magistrate Mark Dzira.a

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