I am a soldier and won’t give up-Fungisai


GOSPEL music sensation Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave (pictured) said the recent cyber-bullying that she experienced following the circulation of her pictures on social media and a Zimdancehall collaboration she did with Killer T, would not make her give up because she was a soldier.





In an interview with NewsDay recently after her performance at Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries programme, Mashavave said no amount of bullying would stop her in her tracks.

“I am a soldier. I go to war and come back alive. I have recorded seven dancehall songs that I did on my own and the album will be released soon. I won’t reveal much, like the name of the album, but my mentor will decide which route to take,” she said.

Mashavave recently did a gospel-Zimdancehall collaboration Vanondibatirana with Killer T which immediately became a hit, although critics questioned her association with Killer T whose brand of music is often associated with gangsterism, violence and drugs. This attracted a good-girl-gone-bad status for the gospel singer.

The song became an instant hit, winning the 2015 best collaboration at the Zimdancehall awards. It was during the awards ceremony that Fungisai’s dressing and pose caused a stir although she downplayed the fuss in one of her Facebook posts, saying it was deliberate.

“I deliberately chose simplicity knowing that haters will stop at nothing to attack my latest fashion,” she said.
Fungisai’s performance of the track at the PHD all-night programme marked the entry of Walter Magaya into the church, departing from the norm where his entry was traditionally heralded by the church’s praise and worship team.


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