I am in Love with my Bestfriend’s Boyfriend – Part 1 – Dude Kissed Me & i LIKED it!


I am in Love with my Bestfriend’s Boyfriend – Part 1. Me and my friend Rumbi had always been close. We shared almost everything, even went to the same schools up to uni. When we graduated we made it a point to live close and work close to each other. A year ago she started seeing this guy, she was so in love his name is Sean. Sean was indeed the nicest guy ever and l was happy for them.

One night l was invited to a party and l got so drunk and these guys wanted to take advantage of me. I panicked and called Rumbi who then sent Sean to come. As l was pushing these guys off of me, Sean broke down the door and grabbed me and we went into his car.

He asked me if l was ok at which point l passed out. I woke up in my bed in my pjs and pulled the pillow next to me as l always sleep holding a pillow. l opened my eyes later only to find that l was holding Sean.


l froze and he was wide awake his face inches from mine. l apologised and wanted to pull back but he pulled me back and said its ok, u can rest. I insisted l was ok nd he just smiled and he explained how he could not leave as l had passed out and noone would lock the door. l thanked him and said he was welcome. It was in that moment that l realised that he was soo handsome. He had that melt your pants look and l was shocked that l never noticed before.

We laid there in silence and awkwardness the in a heavy breath he just lifted his head and kissed me, l grew numb and started wondering how long it had been since a man had touched me let alone kissed me. l kissed him back with such hunger that my breathing changed, once l could hear myself, l pulled back jumped out of bed and dashed to the kitchen. I heard him follow me just as he was about to say something the door rang, l went to open it and Rumbi was standing there…..

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