I am in Love with my Bestfriend’s Boyfriend – Part 3 – He ALMOST F#CKED Me at the Party & I wanted him


I am in Love with my Bestfriend’s Boyfriend – Part 3 – He ALMOST F#CKED Me at the Party & I wanted him. This is a continuation from part 2 so i suggest you read that first to understand this section better.

Puzzled l just looked at him. He came closer and it wasnt until he got inches from me that l realised this talking wasn’t going as planned. He held my face , l looked up feeling my body roar with excitement and anticipation. He just gazed at me in what seemed like eternity then, he pulled back and said …. It wasnt a mistake but it just wasnt good, and l just wanted to apologise if l meant any disrespect but l do have the outmost respect for u, and l do understand if you decide to tell Rumbi , but l do love her and l promise to do better….. For some reason my heart sank l felt as though l was caught up in those sad tragic love movies.

But instead l smiled and said … “Good , now we can go back to being buddies hey, no stress l am ok… “After that we talked a bit more mostly about his upcoming birthday then he left.
I took a 30 minute shower that night. I realised what l needed. S-E-X ,maybe l was just H0RNY it had been ages after all so that explains it, l thought to myself. Question now was who. I needed a date for Sean’s birthday party.


Next day l woke up a little optimistic, l sat in my office going through all my contacts .. Hope shriveled as l went down the alphabet. Finally l thought of one of my workmate’s brother who l was supposed to be hooked up with but cancelled the date before l met him. I called him up and booked a coffee date, l didn’t want to rush into dinner just incase his ugly l would just make up an excuse to go back to work.

I went to meet him and as l walked into the room l was surely certain that this dude would either be ugly and rich or a pretty boy so broke even a church mouse would be deemed richer. I saw a guy waving at me indicating he knew me so l started walking over and as l walked over l had to admit he wasn’t half bad. His suit was the right size, he didn’t wear too much cologne or unnecessary jewelry. He just looked nice. So l asked if he was Malcom and he said yea and pulled a chair for me. A point for him l thought.

He was talkative but in a good way. I asked him about his goals ambition and so forth and was quite impressed. He walked me to my car and we said our goodbyes. I could say he had the right qualities in a guy that any woman would want, he had his own business, had worked hard and graduated top of his class at UCT business school. And also it was a relief that he didn’t stay with his mother.

Days went by and on occasion l would run into Sean and we would talk and laugh then l would go home wanting him so bad but l thought hey l finally had a good guy in my life Sean would fade into the darkness. Atleast l hoped but who knows…

Sean ‘s birthday arrived and l had RSVP with a plus 1. It had been a month since me and Malcom had met for the first time so it was our first public appearance yet but funny thing l knew Malcom liked me but he hadn’t said much about it.

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