I am in Love with my Bestfriend’s Boyfriend – Part 2 – Dude COMES BACK FOR MORE


I am in Love with my Bestfriend’s Boyfriend – Part 2 – Dude COMES BACK FOR MORE…. This is a continuation of:

I am in Love with my Bestfriend’s Boyfriend – Part 1 – Dude Kissed Me & i LIKED it!

I just stood there in silence. And ofcourse being her bubbly self, Rumbi just jumped in and said .. “Hey guys brought u breakfast since we all know Rose here doesn’t cook..” l just smiled and excused myself. Back in my bedroom, my heart was pounding. “Should l tell her”, l wondered. I mean technically he kissed me even though l responded.

Then the thought of his lips on mine came creeping in and how good it felt, his breathing, his soft hands on my cheeks, how he looked at me as if he was looking at me for the first time. Oh how it felt so good yet so wrong i mean VERY WRONG. Am such a WH0RE l thought. I finally went downstairs and ate breakfast with them even though l felt like l was dumping charcoal into my stomach. Then as if it was forever they left.
Monday came and work as usual which was a great distraction. Everytime my phone rang l felt as though she was calling to confront me. My days were long and boring. Got home and ate, watched tv and slept like some kind of boarding school routine. One day though, after work as l was parking my car, there he was standing in my flat driveway, Sean. My stomach quivered and l just froze. l could barely hear anything with my heart pounding out of my chest. I took a deep breath and got out and casually said hi. He just looked at me and said ..we need to talk..


l nodded my head like some pre school kid and led the way. Once we got into my flat, l offered him a drink he refused. He then started talking and said … You know Rose l care about you and… I stopped him right there, l knew the speech l was getting. The whole its not you, its me bullsh*t. I was amazed at how emotional he got over a silly kiss that feels like it happened ages ago ( or so l told myself).
I then said … “Look Sean l know what happened was a mistake no need to talk about it OK..
He replied ….”l did not say it was a mistake, if you could let me finish….. ”

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