‘I caught my wife in the act with three used co_ndoms on the bed’


SHURUGWI – A man from Shurugwi who battered his wife who is now in a critical condition at Gweru General Hospital told a Shurugwi Magistrate Evin Matura that he couldn’t control his anger after he found his wife in the act and with three used co_ndoms by the bedside.

Morgan Siwela (52) said when he saw the three used co_ndoms, he assumed that his wife and neighbour were now doing it for the fourth time and he was furious.

Siwela during mitigation told the court that he found his wife Ellen Takavingei in the middle of a se_xual intercourse with his neighbour and because of anger he assaulted her.


However, the State papers dispute his story. According to the State, Siwela arrived home on April 16, 2016 at around 12pm and his wife who had gone to a customary marriage celebration in Village 3, Zhaugwe South, Shurugwi returned at around 5pm.

Siwela accused his wife of lying that she was at the customary marriage celebrations.He then assaulted her with fists and open hands several times all over her body and in the process hit her once on the head with an iron bar.
After assaulting the complainant several times the accused force marched his wife to the neighbor’s place where they found no one at home and returned to their house.

Upon returning back home, Siwela allegedly shoved his fingers into his wife’s private parts to examine if she had had se_x.

It is alleged that later on after the complainant fell asleep, Siwela woke her up and demanded se_x and when she refused Siwela assaulted her again.

Takavingei had to scream for help until villagers came to her rescue. Siwela pleaded guilty of assaulting his wife in the manner alleged but said it was because he found her having se_x. He was remanded in custody. Betha Bore prosecuted.


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