I cheated on her because she was using family planning pills


The use of contraceptive methods by a city woman led to her ex-husband’s promiscuity, a court has heard. Carlington Kudambo blamed his ex-wife Kudakwashe Nyamupadzango for his immoral behaviour.

“The only reason that I ended up having so many children out of our marriage was because this woman did not want to have more children and used a con_traceptive method that made her fruitless for five years. What did she expect me to do? I am a man and I wanted more children. She is the one who forced me into having so many affairs that is why I have four other children I am paying maintenance for.

pills She is asking $800 and I cannot afford that money. I am not a car dealer like she is claiming. I used to be a commuter omnibus driver but I am now a tout. I am offering to pay $35 per child which makes it $70 for the two children. It must not be forgotten that I am paying maintenance for my other four children. The applicant on the other hand is gainfully employed and earns more than I do,” he said.


Kudakwashe, who sued Carlington for child neglect, claimed $800 arguing that he is a car dealer and can afford the money she was asking for.

“He is a car dealer and can afford what I am asking for. I was married to him for 12 years and during that time he was pr_omiscuous. He impregnated many women. I am not sure if he is married at the moment. Apart from being a womanizer he is also very abusive.

There was no way I could have not used a con_traceptive method because it would have been difficult for me. Taking care of the children was also his responsibility and it will not be fair if he fails to support them. It is not my fault that he hires and fires women. My children should not suffer because of his mistakes.” Argued Kudakwashe. Magistrate Sharon Rakafa ordered Carlington to pay $80 per month for the two minor children.

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