I fell in LOVE with Tanya HURE repaMasvingo Part 1


I fell in LOVE with Tanya HURE repaMasvingo. My name is Tinashe and I work in SA driving trucks or MaGonyet. I drive from Durban to Lusaka Zambia and I pass through Zimbabwe. I don’t want to lie that I am a good person because I am not. I am single and not searching and so I make sure that all the time when I go to Zambia I get baby rekusvira on that trip.

This time I decided to get chiBaby paMasvingo after I read a story by Masasi eHarare that mababy eMasvingo anonaka. Ndakamisa truck ndokuburuka and started hunting hangu ndakaspotter chimwe chimhama chipfupi asi chine body yaive proportional. I went to her and was straight forward. “Ndoda baby akanaka sewe so wekusvira nhasi and panzira ndichienda Zambia….” I told her but akaseka akati pano ehe ndingasvira but zveZambia was out of the question.

I fell in LOVE with Tanya HURE repaMasvingo


Ndakati bhoo asi mumoyo mangu ndaida zveBeche panzira. We went back to my truck and got in .. she sat by the bed and we started talking hedu about life in general. Somehow we connected in more ways than 1. She was very intelligent and was using chihure as a way to get money to take care of her family. I offered to help her get out of Chihure but she declined my offer and said she was fine. We spoke some more and its was now late and i need to go. I asked again if she would come with me to Zambia and she looked at me and smiled. I knew kuti zvangu zvaita. She smiled and said “it will cost you $200” i said it was ok and handed her $100. She took it and said i must wait for her as she is going to get her things.

I waited for Tanya for about 45 minutes and she finally arrived. She got into the truck and we were on the road. Just before i could drive away i saw a woman running towards the truck and i stopped quickly. She was light in complexion and was apparently Tanya’s cousin Jocy. She was holding a small bag and a handbag. She got into the truck and Tanya explained that she wanted to go to Zambia with us as well. I said cool but i was in new territory here, never before had i driven to Zambia with 2 beautiful women and never have i spent time neHure and not SVIRA her.

I began the long drive to Zambia via Harare where i was dropping off a load and picking up some more. The women were full of joy and were talking non stop and the journey began. The story turned to sviro and Jocy was bragging that anogona kuita kuti murume atunda in less than 1 minute and Tanya was saying she doesn’t want murume anokurumidza kutunda. Jocy kept trying to make her point and i was shocked when Tanya said “don’t worry Tinashe will help us prove your theory…” I wanted to arrive alive so i acted like i didn’t hear what Tanya said……. I kept wondering though what these women were upto….


To be continued….

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