I have Mugabe ‘s blessings says Wicknell


Wicknell Chivayo says he has President Mugabe’s blessings in his business deals after he came clean about his criminal past.

But he has admitted that his actual participation in the construction of power plants was minimal. He said : “when I met His Excellency the President face to face for the first time in May 2013 I remember like any other normal person would have been I was obviously very excited. I couldn’t believe myself when I walked into his office, I didn’t know whether I should run and hug him or I should kneel down and say Makadini Gushungo…

I had finally met my hero and after introducing myself and having a long discussion amongst other things thanking him for loving us Zimbabweans to summarise and conclude the meeting I brought up the issue of my time in prison.


I said for the record Your Excellency I know soon after this visit you are going to be told so many different things by malicious people. In 2002 there was a foreign currency transaction I did with another company in South Africa and the deal went wrong. I was caught on the wrong side and charged with money laundering or confiscation of profits and the court found me guilty. He said my child there is absolutely nothing wrong with having gone to prison at some stage in your life. The important thing is never to go back.

I am the president of the republic but I have been in prison the same with Nelson Mandela and so many others the list is endless. As leaders we cannot destroy such a young brilliant man over his past when he’s trying to build his future. Contrary to what all you shallow minded ignorant people think , as a naturally intellectual man he appreciated the tender procedure and most importantly that at this level of business there’s no cash payments or an opportunity to run away with money in a suitcase..

He clearly understood my reputable partners have to present irrevocable performance guarantees and my actual participation in the construction of the power plants was very minimal. No disrespect to anyone but your understanding of basic contractual issues is pathetic.

I then said I apologise for bringing this up Your Excellency but I had to because this is my weakest point…I happen to be one of the most intelligent young business people in this country so after this meeting many are going panic and realise I’m headed for greater heights.

They will come with vindictiveness and relate this same issue like I was in prison last week….He said nonsense go and focus on your business and I give you my blessing to go and do your best and win all those tenders you said you are going to participate in. He said like anywhere else in the world in Zimbabwe once you are convicted and you serve the sentence the day you are released is the day it ends because you have literally paid back and your punishment is over….He then wished me best and I assured him I was confident with the vision and strategy I had in place I would definitely come out the lowest priced bidder.
I owe no one an apology for my past and I advise everyone to stop being a prisoner of your past and be the architect for your future.


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