I prefer unprotected-S-ex Ndinoyida Yekedero – Lindsay


Controversial dancehall artiste, Mildred “Lindsay” Munyikwa, has revealed that she prefers having unprotected-s-ex than using c0nd0ms.

The Kubvira Kunge Moto singer opened up while responding on how she was managing womanhood pressures considering she has been single for a while.

In response, the 28 year-old chanter said she would rather abstain than sleeping with someone who is using a c0nd0m.




As a musician, I am not afraid to say the truth about my life and what is happening in our society. As a woman, I have se-xual needs but I prefer doing the real thing with the right person than being fake.

“Personally, I prefer having unprotected-s-ex because that is how sex was always meant to be done. It is pleasurable having unprotected-s-ex.