I saw my friend achizvamburwa nezimboro nekumashure naKells PaLake – Full Story


I saw my friend achizvamburwa nezimboro nekumashure naKells PaLake – Full Story. I remember it like it was yesterday but this happened last year a day before Valentine’s Day last year. We went kuLake Chivero with my friends Shupi and Tinashe. We were 3 ladies and we rocked our BUM SHORTS showing off hot curves.

Tinashe said we are meeting up with her workmates at the lake and when they arrived i noticed they were good looking and i was immediately drawn to this tall dude who i imagined myself kissing in a matter of seconds.

But that wasn’t the topping story Masasi eHarare.. Haa it was too much… I remember i got a call from mainini and i moved away from the group and took the call. We spoke for a few minutes and i returned to the group and found only Tinashe was sitting with one of the friends. I looked for Shupi and couldn’t see her anywhere.


I moved round the car and there it was i got the shock of my life. The tall dude i wanted was holding Shupi’s hands and for balance and this other guy who i remember was named Kells was kumashure kwaShupi and akamubata pawaist achimuisa chaizvo chaizvo kwete zvekutamba.

I looked and was shocked to see size yemboro yacho yaisvira Shupi, it was massive and i was even more surprised kuti iye Shupi was taking such a monster pasina kana compliant. Akarohwa nayo zvekuzvamburwa chaizvo and ndakaona smile paFace pake and i knew she was in that magical place…

Ndakaona Kells odzupura zimhuka riya remboro and ndakanzwa kurida.. Ndakati dai ndirini hangu… I moved back to where Tinashe and one of the workmates were seated and i acted like everything was normal. Upto now Shupi doesn’t know that ndakamuona achirohwa nezimboro she thinks i had gone for a call….

Thanks for reading my short story…

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