I saw the Prophet Holding on to Married Woman’s BIG B00TY – Prophet playing neGaro raMai Treasurer


I saw the Prophet Holding on to Married Woman’s BIG B00TY. I don’t know if i am sending this message to the right platform but its killing me inside. I work as a cleaner in a Pentecostal church in Harare, last week as i was cleaning at around 7:00 PM i noticed the light in Prophet’s office was on. It’s was not odd to me as the Prophet can sometimes be in his office till late working and researching. I heard talking and it wasn’t prayer and the words were not like any other conversation i have heard.

I moved closer and there it was… the surprise of the century. I saw with my own eyes the Prophet playing neGaro raMai Treasurer. They were laughing and i caught one statement from the Prophet: “Mira ndibate rimwe racho otherwise ringazoita jealous” and the woman laughed….

prophet holding onto woman's big booty


I don’t know if he was praying for her or what but since that day i am having difficult even praying or focusing. That is why i had to email you this story i thought maybe if i tell someone i will be free. I didn’t mention names because i don’t want to be held responsible for causing chaos in the house of the Lord.