I support Acie Lumumba…. My enemy’s enemy is my friend


If Acie Lumumba is going to educate and convert those rag tag youth who attended the so called million man march from supporting a dictator who has brought much suffering to all Zimbabweans, I think we should encourage and support him.

Too many a time we Zimbabweans are quick to raise unnecessary suspicions and criticise those who are joining our fight against tyranny because it is the easy thing to do.

This also applies to Mujuru et al. We must admit from where we are coming from that nobody has been left unscathed by a toxic political environment that required some amongst us to take the wrong side of history for reasons best known to themselves.


Their fault was because they were more concerned about their personal ambition than the fate of the country, but now that they have realised that supporting evil is wrong, even with the comforts it may temporarily provided them, we should therefore celebrate their revelation because it adds more voices to our cause.

We should however not be naïve and ignore their fundamental misjudgements in the past, but all the same, we need to unite with them against tyranny and oppression. After all nobody is perfect.



The fight against ZANU (PF) and Mugabe must be intensified from all angles and our youth who make up the majority of our voting population need to be encouraged and motivated to get involved on the right side of things and shun this evil and corrupt regime of ZANU (PF).

If Acie can achieve that, then surely he is welcome? For me he is a better friend to have in this fight against tyranny than many of our citizens, including those abroad, who watch and do nothing while endlessly debating and speculating, they are cowards and do not add anything to our struggle.

We need to move away from debates on the pros and cons of others joining the struggle. Let all Zimbabweans join the struggle en mass regardless of where they are coming from because what is more important is where we are going and not where we have been.

There will come a time when we demand new values and new principles in government and society as a whole and those who will be found wanting must of course be accountable for their actions but for now, we have a unique opportunity to unite in our purpose to remove from power those who have created our pain.

Surely nothing is more important, more honourable and more urgent that that?

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