I was not kicked out of ZAOGA – Gospel musician Carol Mujokoro


Gospel musician Carol Mujokoro says she was never kicked out of Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (Zaoga).

She said she put under discipline after a misunderstanding with the church after her live DVD recording of her that was done by EGEA Ministries which is a music arm of the church last year went missing.

“After what happened, I prayed to God and told myself that I will not act on my anger but let God have his own way,” she said. She said if she is going to leave Zaoga in the future, it will be after God had spoken to her.


carol-zaoga“If I am to leave my church then God must tell me where to go but for now he has not spoken so I am still a member of Zaoga Forward In Faith,” she said. She said everything is still the same except that she is not able to carry out her duties as a pastor or sing in the church.

“I am still fellowshipping at my church where I used to go in Braeside, the only difference that is there now is I cannot carry out my duties as a pastor, I cannot sing in church, I cannot open or close with the word from God among other things until the discipline is uplifted, I do not know when but for the mean time that is what I am doing,” she said.

Mujokoro who later recorded her live DVD recording early this month at the 7 Arts Theatre says she is going to be focusing on worshipping and let God have his way.