Ini na Nosipho paParty yeSviro in Borrowdale Brooke


Ndakamutsa mota ndokuita U Turn after we realised kuti takanganwa imwe nyama yedu. Takasvika tichiedza kuita low profile but vanhu vakatiziva the moment i parked. Ndakanzwa kunyara but i thank God it was now dark noone could see how red i looked. We relaxed for a bit and had some meat and alcohol. People were coming up to use greeting us and some even wanted my numbers. Even some women came over and spoke to Nosi but i could not hear what they spoke about. We were even invited to a party by a couple in Borrowdale Brooke and we agreed to go…

Haa i have never been to a party like this all my life so i could not contain my excitement… I wanted the date to get here and Friday seemed like a long way away… So we spoke about it me and Nosi and we agreed that whatever happens we will still love each other nomatter how wild it get at that party..

Thursday i went for a shave, all body shave and yes those spots are there in Harare just like waxing yemababy ndakabvisa bvudzi rese muviri wese.. I bought a new swimsuit and a sleeping or rather morning gown.. Saka my plan was to arrive in my swimsuit and a gown on top and then see how things were. Nosi had this night dress that left a little to the imagination. Friday came and Nosi went to work and i was busy with the car service and washing it. By one i was done and i felt time was not moving at all.


I had just opened website Masasi eHarare clicked on DzeBonde and was reading a story about Young Kells na Joice Makuhwa and before i could get to the juicy part, My phone rang and it was Nosipho. She was breathing heavily and i tought something was wrong with her… So i listened hoping to hear what was wrong but then the heavily breathing increase like munhu arikusvirwa.. I called out her name and all she said was mmmm she could not speak and it was now clear kuti aisvirwa… I got so angry but mboro yanga yakamira…

I called out her name again and this time she said something coherent, i think she said, i wanted to hear your voice ndichitunda… or something like that… I wanted to hear more… I heard her make a loud noise yekutunda and just like that they was a slow moan then it went dead… I thought she hung up but i heard her say… “sorry babe, this party thing is killing me, zuva rese nhasi ndanga ndakatota saka i had to use my office candle stand to take care of business, saka i wanted you there with me… ”

Joice Makuhwa
Joice Makuhwa

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