Insulting Mugabe will not save economic situation- analyst


A political analyst Godknows Kudzanayi Mashaire‎ has said for people to insult President Robert Mugabe daily will not save the economy of the country but what was needed were solutions to the crisis

Insulting Robert Mugabe is not a solution to Zimbabwe’s problems,” he said.

“What is needed in Zimbabwe is an environment of engagement, dialogue, discussion, negotiation and positive interaction. That can only be achieved by focusing on common ground for unity.”


Mashaire said politics of confrontation rarely work in Africa, even the 16 year war of liberation was ended by negotiations and discussions.

“Since independence in 1980 the best times in Zimbabwe economically and socially were after negotiated settlements, firstly the 1987 unity accord between Zapu and Zanu PF then the 2008 Government of national unity between the MDC and Zanu-PF,” he said.

“There is plenty that unite us that the little which divide us. The old generation cannot change, it therefore calls upon us the young people of Zimbabwe to shake off the divisions of tribe, race or political opinion and unconditionally unite to bring forth a functional system that renders the status quo redundant. Millions of children in school are looking up to us to act right today to secure the future for Zimbabwe and Africa.”

Mashaire said the nation has a bigger task waiting on it, to lead a Federal United Africa and awaken the greatness in Africa, the mother of all mankind and the future of humanity.

“We are some of the finest intellectuals on the continent. Time to Unite and prosper, we cannot continue to look down upon ourselves,” he said.

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