Who the F#%K is this Wicknell Chivayo Posing with Vice President


Who the F#%K is this Wicknell Chivayo Posing with Vice President. Businessman Wicknell Chivayo is boasting that he is once again close to a Vice President of Zimbabwe. Chivayo was related to the late VP Nkomo and he says some people said he would never be close to power again.

He said ;”our leaders are marvelous…. they all emulate our iconic legend President Chatunga’s dad and our First lady Dr Amazing Grace , all they have is the nation’s interest at heart. Standing next to the Presidium remains a dream for many that’s why after my beloved God given parent VP Nkomo’s demise , some sat in their rented homes celebrating while I was crying. They assured each other he will never stand next to or shake hands with a Vice president ever again.

Wicknell Chivayo

Unfortunately God was listening as they spoke and because he rules the world ” he who he bless no man can curse.” Give credit where it’s due, my business acumen and my intelligence IQ are way beyond your imagination. Im sure this world would indeed be a boring place if we were all rich. Who would work for the other ??? Stay in your place, swallow that pride and take notes. Your time will come.”