Is Zimbabwe REALLY on Shut Down Mode Today?


Is Zimbabwe REALLY on Shut Down Mode Today? They calling it Chabvondoka and they promised that today is the day to shut down everything in the country. They don’t want violent or fighting, they want a peaceful protest where they just boycott everything and see how the government responds….

According to a Facebook Video we saw yesterday, the organisers of the demonstrations edged fellow Zimbabweans to unite and forget about which political party they support and just FIGHT to be Zimbabwean. So today being the 6th of July we wonder is our neighbouring country really on SHUTDOWN?

I am pretty sure most of the Zimbabweans in South Africa and other countries are wondering what SHUTDOWN means and are praying that no VIOLENCE will occur… So we promise to give you updates on what will be going on in the neighbouring Zimbabwe….


To those in Zimbabwe, i am sure you guys will lose cell service soon and communication will be barred…. Remember when ANC jammed signals in the Parliament…. So yeah the technology is there and i am sure there will be a blackout in Social Media….




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