Itai Dzamara is alive and he is in Marondera


Abducted democracy activist, Itai Dzamara is alive, friends of the man have said with some pointing to a location in Marondera.

They made these suggestions (saying they are revelations) on Saturday morning just as the Government Media reported of the Zimbabwe Republic Police beginning to show public care for the man’s find. This also took place as Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa was jetting into Europe to appease investors.

The development furthermore came in sync with presidential spokesperson George Charamba hinting of the disappearance saying that Dzamara will return just like any other exiled Zimbabwean has in recent years done.


Dzamara’s brother Patson slammed the police for the abduction which took place on the 9th of March 2015.

“We now know and it is now very clear that Dzamara is still alive; they must just bring him out,” an OAUS member wrote on the organisation’s social networking page.

The organisation has since slated the 1st of August as the date when activists will descend on Africa Unity Square to demand his release.

Another running under the pseudonym Rwendo Rweshanduko added, “1 August lets start organizing ourselves and occupy Africa Unity Square. Something needs to be done urgently, pointers are that Dzamara is alive, action now before Zanoids kill him, they are desperate.”

Another OAUS member has suggested that Dzamara is at a location in Marondera.

Meanwhile, this means whoever finds Itai Dzamara will walk away with US$20,000. In April this year, a diaspora group splashed a liquid reward offer of $10,000 for information leading to the rescue of Itai Dzamara. Three months later, police offered yet another reward of US$10,000 to whoever provides information leading to the recovery of the missing journalist-cum-activist.

Suspected CIO agents pretending to be police officers took Dzamara in March after saying they were arresting him on the grounds of stealing a cow. He was abducted following his civic action calling on Robert Mugabe to step down as he is now too old.

The ZDA group led by Australia based Frank Dube called on Zimbabweans to call in (Harare number 0772889217) with “credible information” on the kidnapping.

The statement said a reward will be handed to anyone who “volunteers credible information that will lead to Dzamara’s location”.

While announcing the police’s offer, in a statement last week, Officer Commanding CID Law and Order Division Assistant Commissioner Crispen Makedenge said police investigations conducted so far have failed to yield any fruitful results. – zimeye / myzim