Its NOT President Mugabe’s JOB to Find Itai Dzamara


Its NOT President Mugabe’s JOB to Find Itai Dzamara. President R.G Mugabe says the disappearance of Itai Dzamara has nothing to do with him.

His spokesman, George Charamba said it was the responsibility of investigating arms of Government, not President Mugabe’s, to find Dzamara.

“I dismiss calls for the President to pronounce himself on the matter as pre-eminently political and thus not worthy of his attention. People go missing here and elsewhere in the world. In our case, some skip the borders to go to foreign lands, others get caught up in mishaps and still others might just change location and withdraw from contacts. The fact of the missing persons need not indict sitting Governments the way it is playing out here.”


Mr Charamba said opposition political parties and non-governmental organisations were tainting the image of Government before police pronounced themselves on the matter.

“The script we are getting from those that present to be concerned about a missing citizen is that Government is guilty until proven innocent,” he said.

“It’s a strange sense of justice and there are also claims that Dzamara was an opponent of Government. Dzamara was never an opponent, let alone an enemy, of the Government much as he and his associates, obviously to give profile and consequence to themselves, may have had that as a wish-image.

“What obligates sitting Governments in respect of missing persons is for them to enquire and investigate as to their whereabouts, and this in line with basic international norms and expectations, principally that governments stand in loco parentis to all citizenry.”