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Jackie Ngarande Hanzi ndiri Hure – Vanorwadziwa nekuti ndakanaka


Socialite, model, and entrepreneur, Jacqueline Tinovimba Ngarande, reckons she has garnered more foes than friends owing to her beauty, self-esteem and progress in life.

Simply known as Jackie, the model believes ‘haters’ stalk her on social networks, pubs, and even in town as they are bitter with her newly-found fame, circle of friends and success.

Jackie, who turns 27 in October, exclusively told H-Metro that she would defend her name at all costs. Since she rose to prominence, Jackie has been accused of dating married celebrities, attention seeking antics and at one point being a cellphone thief among other accusations.



On allegations that she was after married celebrities (names withheld) Jackie says she won’t lose sleep over the claims. The problem only surfaces when JACKIE Ngarande is spotted with married businessman executives because she is beautiful and she is a model.

When that same married business executive is seen with an ordinary person it doesn’t matter. It only Matters when it is Jackie. For instance, Jay Z started selling drugs, then he sold mix tapes, then he sold albums. He then started his own, label, then he became his own brand and there has to be levels to your hustle,” says Jackie, who feels let down by haters.


Jackie feels there are people who rush to conclusions before they even establish the real facts on the ground. The only thing I had to understand was it’s only in Zimbabwe where anything can be a marriage officer instantly zvisina mapepa. Zimbabweans are very good at pairing people and for being marriage officers, they will graduate automatically into doctors and they will diagnose you yet they have never seen a black board in their lives.

Jackie also gave her view point on pageantry, which is perceived as a profession for ladies of loose morals. Modelling is like any other profession just like being a teacher or driver, therefore we can find all characters and behaviors in this field. So there is nothing really special about models being of loose morals, its everywhere from the bakery to the hospital and you should spare us.


Jackie’s love life has been under the spotlight, but the model says she has a way to handle her affairs. As for my love life, I would want to keep it private, I want people to continue speculating and pairing me like they are used to. I always laugh about it though. Sometimes I get to hear things I do not know about myself and I am like I want to see this Jackie they are talking about,” she says.


Like any other profession where models are usually abused or short changed after rendering their service, Jackie outlined her modus operandi.

“Due to previous experiences I prefer my services paid first before the event. As for tours which are part of my schedule, they are not yet confirmed, but very soon I will be touring my province Mashonaland East, I need to scout for commercial models from my province.


Jackie’s newly found fame has also come with its fair share of controversy and at a point, she was labelled a cellphone thief. The most embarrassing moment was when I was arrested at a party on allegations that I had stolen a cellphone, but God always vindicates his own people. It never went any further. The complainant begged my friends that he wanted to drop the charges after realizing that the mission had failed,” she recalls.


To ensure that she achieves her dreams Jackie has also roped in her friend and former model Mercy Mashaninga to run her affairs,

“Mercy Mashaninga is my long time manager and I am still signed under The biggest Modeling Agency in Zimbabwe, Zimgossip. As for awards (under Mushaninga’s management), I have won an international; award in South Africa after being crowned Model of the year 2016 (Starqt Awards), I have nominations for Zim Models Awards, Commercial model of the year, Most beautiful model, Miss Legs among others.


Despite her humble background, Jackie said her heart bleeds for the poor, which prompted her to start her Jackie Ngarande Street tea she gives to street urchins in the Harare gardens. On the Jackie Ngarande Street Tea, I really want to thank God, my manager and friends, the response has been overwhelming. I have more reason to smile and add a percent on my tithes. My background really contributes to my day to day activities. Being a child raised by a widow.

A lot of things transpired in my childhood hence I believe that having good shelter and food is a right to any individual. I am not trying to save anyone, but I’m trying my best to be a citizen playing a role given our current socio-economic challenges we are facing in our country. And that is how the Jackie Ngarande Street TEA was born and I pledge to make it an annual event.


Jackie says she started her journey in modelling at the aged of seven in 1997 and she still keeps her hopes alive.

“My own vision as a model is to open my own modelling agency so that I can give any girl child an opportunity to showcase their talent despite of what the society or background determines. I capitalize on everything. For instance while some pay for clothes, I get free clothes and get paid to wear them, while some pay for meals, I get free meals and get paid to eat.


Jackie is one of the socialites who denounces alcohol abuse and she feels booze is not everything.

“Zimbabweans just love alcohol and that’s not a lie. It’s only in Zimbabwe where I have seen people having alcohol for breakfast, use alcohol to cure hangover, use alcohol to get a girl in a club, use alcohol to bribe. If alcohol is to be banned sure ma one.


As for her role model, and source of inspiration she owes her success to her late mother and living legend Oliver Mtukudzi .

“My role model was my mother, she was my strength, she motivated to grow up without any barriers. When she lost her husband-my father- at a very young age of 35, she proved it to me that a proverbial and virtual woman does exist through these ways she raised me to be a young beautiful, decent woman, until the day she died. I never witnessed any questionable behavior or indecency in her. My source of inspiration is Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi, whose music has managed to heal all the wounds that were opened in my childhood. Tuku’s music has been my source of happiness and inspiration.


Like most children raised in the ghetto, Jackie was naughty indeed.

“I was very naughty in my childhood, usually I would go to my grandfather’s house during holidays. We are close to a small river in our village so I would go swim without his authority. He lost his daughter (my mum’s sister) after she drowned in that river and he did not want anyone to swim or go anywhere near that river at all, so he will be like Mwana wemukwasha uyu ndomuitasei, anoda kufira pano … ngaende kumusha kwake. Within an hour he would send me back to my grandma gogo Ngarande, voti ooo mwana wemwana wenyu haanzwe.


Jackie was born on October in 1990 at Rusape general hospital although she hails from Murehwa. We are two in our family, making me the only girl and last born. I was born to the late Evans Ngarande and Evelyn Chiwandamira. I did my primary education at Greengrove primary school, and Tafara 1 primary school. For my secondary education I went to TAFARA 1 High school and Rota high school in Murehwa.

My dad died when I was nine years old in 1999 and my mother raised me until she passed away when I was 17 years old in 007. My parents were together until death separated them, they both didn’t have children outside their wedlock. I am 1,75cm tall, I was born a natural yellow born.

I’m light in complexion and I have brown eyes. During my spare time I read a lot and I also enjoy writing scripts and projects, obviously. I listen to Tuku music while I do all these things, I love the mirror, I can’t spend an hour without checking myself on the mirror I love myself. In short that is all about Jackie-a socialite, model and entrepreneur with a special heart for the under-privileged members of the society

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