Jah Prayzah meddling in Zanu PF politics and insulting Zanu PF leadership.


Some youths, believed to be aligned to Zanu PF’s G40 faction, have threatened award-winning music star Jah Prayzah for allegedly composing songs meant to prop up embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The Children of War Veterans, in a statement posted on Facebook by one of its leaders, Munyaradzi Shoko, the youths sensationally accused the Watora Mari hit-maker of meddling in Zanu PF party factional politics.

“Jah Prayzah allow me to warn you to desist from interfering with Zanu PF party factional politics before it’s too late. It is not a secret today that you are reportedly being used to compose songs that fuel political divisions in this country,” part of the statement read.


The youths further alleged that Jah Prayzah’s songs; Mudhara Achauya and the yet-to-be-released Kutonga Kwaro were composed with the aim of promoting Mnangagwa and his purported Lacoste faction.

Jah Prayzhah


I am advised that you are working with (Chris) Mutsvangwa and Phillip Chabata who are promoting you to release songs that seek to provoke and insult Zanu PF leadership.

“You are reportedly targeting certain groups of individuals in the party after you released the popular Mudhara Achauya song dedicating it to your factionalist (Mnangagwa), something you publicly denied. Today we hear you are about to release a song entitled Kutonga Kwaro. Another album intended at fanning factionalism,” said Shoko, who sensationally claimed that Jah Prayzah was being used by the rich.

“Be warned my brother, party yawasarudza kutamba navo iyi Isinjonjo. Tamba wakachenjera. Don’t be used by rich individuals to be their voices.

“Do not be blinded by the fact that you are allowed to wear Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) uniforms at your shows, neither should you be over excited by the drama raunoita uchizvipa security seya President iya around you wotofunga kuti wakatsika chinhu.

“…You are digging your own grave. Hona Energy Mutodi ave kumawere,” said Shoko.

Despite being continually sucked into Zanu PF succession politics, Jah Prayzah insists his music carries no political overtones.