Jah Prayzah has set up a state of the art recording studio


Jah Prayzah has set up a state of the art recording studio at his new offices in Harare. Scheduled to officially open next week, the studio comes beefed up with brand new, top of the range equipment that includes a Liquid Saffire 56 Soundcard, Yamaha digital mixer, Tama drum set, Ibanez guitars and iSK microphones.

Jah Prayzah

The singer, who is currently one of the most sought after entertainer in the country, is expanding his JP brand at a steady pace. What began with simple merchandise such as t-shirts and caps, now includes studio work.


Zimbo Jam caught up with the JP brand investment manager, Nigel Mushapaidze who told us more about the studio and their future investment plans.

Mushapaidze explained, “For the longest time it was Jah Prayzah’s dream to have his own studio. We started gathering resources bit by bit over the years and we are glad to have finally completed this studio.Next week, we open our doors to the world.”

The studio charge will be approximately $25 an hour.There is also a separate rehearsal section for clients to perfect their tracks before they begin recording.

In response to the question on why they chose to invest more than US$10,000 in a studio situated in a country whose music industry does not pay much, Mushapaidze responded, “We can’t compromise on quality, we want to focus on producing quality products that everyone appreciates. We do not mind what other studios are doing, we are here to set a new standard.”

Mushapaidze also revealed that they will keep working hard on developing more revenue streams under the JP brand and they are currently working on other massive projects in the media industry.