Jah Prayzah’s wife speaks on LEAKED PHOTOS of Jah Prayzah & Henrietta Rushwaya


Jah Prayzah’s wife Rufaro has shrugged off the emergence of the musician ‘s bedroom pictures-taken in 2013 which suggested he was seeing Henrietta Rushwaya. H-Metro spoke to Jah Prayzah about the reports linking him to Henrietta in July 2013 and he explained that their encounters were business.

More than two years after the matter had been addressed ,an attempt to extort money from Henrietta resulted in the pictures re-emerging this week and eventually find their way on social media on Tuesday.

And amid the excitement among Jah Prayzah ‘s music colleagues ,followers and media the musician’s wife was calm yesterday when contacted by H-metro.Speaking exclusively to H-metro Mai Kayla said they were happy in their marriage and any attempts to revive a dead story would not affect whats there now.

Jah Prayzah and Henrieta
Jah Prayzah & Henrietta Rushwaya

“The issue came up a long time ago and has been cleared up then.Back then it got to me a bit but I since understood what it was about,we have since moved on from it.Mukudzeyi and myself are very much OK.At this time I am more worried about how he is taking it all of this with the way people have put it across .Otherwise we are happy,” she said.

On the other hand ,Jah Prayzah was preparing for is show at Dandaro tonight and did not seem affected by the furore.

“I believe this is one of the things that one has to face when in the eye of the public.What is important is that the key people in my private life have been aware of the issue of Henrietta from 2013 when some faceless person tried to soil me on Facebook.

“I even addressed the issue in H-metro and there has not been a change in circumstance brought about by any of the pictures from 2013.

“So there is no real worry on my end other than fans may be misled by those with ulterior motives”he said.

Meanwhile Henrietta believes the leaking of the pics on social media was work of a football stakeholder who had hoped she would panic and offer a bribe to keep them away from the public.

“There was a belief that I am interested in the upcoming ZIFA elections in one capacity or the other and someone stole the pictures and then tried to blackmail me.

“But because I am not participating in ZIFA elections I was not worried and did not entertain any negotiations or discussions..

“These pictures are from 2013 and at the time he was trying to establish himself as a consistent musician and I am the one who supplied him with regalia he used at shows.People will have their own interpretation to say the selfie is wrong.

“The other pic where he is trying the regalia should be complete with others taken same time at the same spot with Mayor (Wadyajena) who was also trying his clothes.By the way I also did campaign regalia for Mayor.

“It is unfortunate that Jah Prayzah has been caught up in The ZIFA election politics where someone thought I was playing a part and then wanted to extort money using the old pictures.People should just leave Jah Prayzah to concentrate on his career which is looking bright,”she said.


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