Jilted wife dumps dead dog tied with red cloth at rival’s doorstep


A Porter Farm family woke up to the shock of their lives after they found a dead dog with a red cloth tied around its neck in their yard.

Next to the dog’s corpse were words written on the ground phrased in Shona “siyana nemurume wangu” and thus seemingly targeted at a woman resident there.

Chipfatsura Mutande the landlord was equally shocked as he suspected that this was an act of juju directed to one of his tenants.


“I have seven tenants and I suspect this is directed at one of my tenants ,and the words written next to the dead puppy have shown that is directed to a woman.

“This all adds up to an incident that took place the day before yesterday when a woman came and attacked one of my female tenants and claimed she is an ex-wife to the tenant’s husband said Mutande.

Dzidzai Mushoshore ,20,who is beleived to be the one targeted was convinced that her husband ‘s ex-wife is the one responsible.

ince the day I started living with Taurai Sinati,his ex-wife has been a problem.

“Two days ago my husband got arrested after she claimed he stole her phone and $20,right now my husband is in custody I feel she could be responsible for all this.

“I feel she is after my life,and I believe juju is real because every time she visited to get money for her child ‘s upkeep,I would fall sick the following day.

“She even threatened me the day before yesterday after I tried to explain to her that my husband had not stolen her phone.

“Akatondit ndichakupinza mubhazi remuchama*a uchaona hako,” said Mushoshore.

Early in the morning Mushoshore went to the police to try and bail her husband out using the evidence she thought was relevant to prove her husband’s ex wife is always up to no good.

Mushore believed the puppy ‘s life resembled her life and how it got killed would be how she was going to die.

“Ini zvatondityisawo nekuti kwandinobva bakatwa rakabaya imbwa rakavharwa haruvhurwi nekuti pamunorivhura ndopanovhurwa mhiko dzakaiswa pariri,” said Mushoshore.

Mutande’s problem laid on how he would get rid of the puppy since it was dropped in his yard.

“I fear evil spirits which accompany this act will rest in my yard,these are just tenants they will move to another place but this is my home ,how do I feel the comfort of my home when such things have happened.

“This is also bad for business,my house is my source of income,and this is an African society how do I get other tenants with such a a reputation.”

Six other tenants could not comment and stayed indoors to avoid commenting on the issue.

One of Mutande’s neighbours said women living in Mutande ‘s house were prostitutes ,who had a habit of bragging to their customers’ women that they bed their men.

This is not a surprise to some of us;Those women deserve every bit of what is happening to them,”the neighbour said.

Source-H Metro

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