JOICE MUJURU accuse Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo of wanting to turn her into a s#x slave


Embattled Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) leader, Joice Mujuru, has accused a group of party elders she expelled last week of seeking to turn her into a sex slave, after proposing that she be the opposition party’s “queen bee”.

In an audio recording of her address to provincial structures in Masvingo at the weekend, Mujuru accused her former close allies, notably Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo, of wanting her to sleep with male colleagues in the party, taking advantage of the fact that she was a widow.

I want you to Google then advise each other. They said Mai Mujuru, we want you to be our queen bee. I was supposed to mate with all the men in the party. I was supposed to be their wife,” she said.


“I was supposed to work for them because they had seen that while I was still in Egypt (Zanu-PF) I used to work hard.

“So they wanted to borrow that hard-working spirit to work for them and I told them that I can’t be your queen bee.

I am a woman of substance even though I am a widow, I have an image to protect and since the death of my husband (Solomon Mujuru), I have no appetite for men. I told them that I am here to work for Zimbabwe and this did not make them happy.

Joice-MujuruBut, Gumbo yesterday hit back at Mujuru, accusing her of having a shallow understanding of political dichotomy and processes.

“She does not have an understanding of a beehive,” he shot back.

“We indeed said she was supposed to be the queen bee. Not that we wanted to sleep with her, but we were supposed to do all the dirty work, fight for her, protect her and not expose her because we understood her limitations.

“We knew if she was exposed, she would make mistakes like she has been making after being exposed. Now, how can you have a leader, who does not understand such simple things?”

A queen bee is the fertile egg-laying matriarch in a beehive.

Mujuru went further, accusing Gumbo and Mutasa of wanting to use ZimPF as a money-spinning venture for their personal gain.

“The people were planning to oust me for a very long time. I have not refused to vacate my post, but why do they want me to vacate the seat?” she queried.

“When I was asked to lead People First (PF), I said-PF was not started so that people can treat it as a business.

“That is when I started (clashing)with the two gentlemen, namely Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa. They wanted the party to be a money-spinning machine for their personal needs. That’s why you heard people saying there was a fund bringing money from Britain to the party.”