Joice Mujuru wanted me killed – Elliot Pfebve


Former Vice President Joice Mujuru was recently taken to task over the murder of opposition MDC activist Matthew Pfebve in Mt Darwin in the run-up to the 2000 parliamentary election

Matthew’s brother Elliot Pfebve who is based in the United Kingdom said Mujuru was complicit as the highest ranking Zanu PF official in the province.

Mujuru however accused Elliot of being inconsistent in his statements, claiming the exiled MDC activist once blamed the late Elliot Manyika for his brother’s death.


Below is Elliot Pfebve’s response to Joice Mujuru

I thought I should take my jacket off as a politician and respond as a victim, which is exactly what she alluded to in her interview.

My earlier article was based on her having been part of the axis of evil to which she had a chance now that she is out of it to extricate herself from the brutal ZANU PF system. I am one person who has never been against anybody in ZANU PF other than the ZANU PF system for I believe it is possible to repent from such a system.

Targeting individuals would be losing sight of the ball, for ZANU is a system which can even be more dangerous under any leader beyond Mugabe, for ZANU is a cult borne out of contention of barbarism, that’s why in a recent interview Mujuru refused to disclose anything that happened under her nose under oath, a sign that she is far away from repenting.

But rightly so why did I say Mujuru has a hand in the murder of my brother Mathew?

What evidence do I have?

At the time of the murder of my brother, Mujuru was the highest ZANU PF authority in Mashonaland Central just as I was the highest authority in MDC in Mashonaland Central. As head of an organization, the buck stops with you!

Not only that but my brother was murdered in Joice Mujuru’s constituency by her supporters wearing her ZANU PF regalia, being part of torture camps she setup in her area to eradicate MDC, this was synonymous with her pronunciations at rallies that Mash Central was a no go area to opposition and a common slogan, “asingazive ngaadzidziswe” .

But is that all that I know of her, no no, unknown to her and the ZANU PF Cabal, I have over 1000 pages of documented atrocities by dates, area and motive. She might have known that, after I took Mugabe to court in America, to which he now cannot travel to the USA, I will leave that for another day.

I can reveal that my murder was planned at the highest office, both in the province and at a presidential level, to which Joice Mujuru was a willing hand to see me dead.

I can also reveal that in early 2000, a group of war veterans chaired by Border Gezi met at Reef Hotel owned by Joice Mujuru, to strategise and finalize on the assassination hit list of MDC politicians in Mashonaland Central. High on the agenda was the assassination of Elliot Pfebve, then the highest MDC authority in Mash Central.

The meeting which lasted until, 2 AM Saturday morning, finally agreed on the figure to be given to anybody who would kill Elliot Pfebve, an initial figure of Z$150,000 was rejected on the basis that I was deemed a risk factor and finally that was increased to ZW300,000.

From the discussion according to my informant Take Take, it was clear that Border Gezi was a junior accomplice in the operation as he would seek authority from above both for increasing the figure and other out of scope agreements. It was noted that security agents were also present, a confirmation that it was a government led operation.

There was evidence that such a funding and directive came from Mugabe himself, this is supported by evidence published in the Sunday Times (London) of 21 May 2000, “The government of Robert Mugabe has systematically set out to brutalize and kill MDC supporters, payments from £379 ($570) for killing opposition members and £117 ($175) for destroying their property have been sponsored directly from government.”

In fact this followed Mugabe’s utterance that, “Now we at war again…If one of you is asked why you are killing you say it is not us, it is the president. But behave like hares. The baboons have a big build, but the hares are cleverer”.

There was no doubt that Joice Mujuru was part of the murder machine, the question is how many people she murdered, and is she prepared to come clean, only then can we embrace her as a fellow human being, as of now she is still the beast she was.

The person who was tasked with my murder, then chairman of war veterans for Mashonaland Central, developed cold feet, after realized that he was being used to kill innocent people, but that was after his children convinced him that a new party MDC, was the family’s solution given that he was dumped by Mugabe and his fellow war vets after the war.

(That was after I had a rally in the area to which ironically, unknown to me his children were elected in high positions in MDC, that became my saviour).

I can also reveal that when it became known to me of the meeting that had taken place at Mujuru’s Reef Hotel, culminating in an agreed figure to kill me, I called the Officer Commanding Police, that I needed an urgent meeting with his office including Officer Commanding CIO (then a Woman) and officer Commanding CID, to which I was granted.

The meeting was attended by me, Tapera Macheka, Phillip Mabika, Giant Mabika (the late, and victim of Kasukuwere), Trymore Midzi (murdered by ZANU PF) and Mrs M (name with held). I told the officers that I was aware of the plot to assassinate me, held at Reef Hotel Mujuru’s Hotel.

I described vividly the sitting arrangement, the drinks that were served the negotiations on the prize given to the assassin. While they proclaimed ignorance, I knew they were aware of such a high level plot, I could tell that they were shaken and taken by surprise. What I am saying is not hear say, it is on record of CIO, CID and Police departments at Bindura HQ.

The next thing that I heard was that, Cde Sarudzai has been abducted and was no where to be seen. At no time during the meeting with the security officers did I mention his name. Although both police and CID promised to come back to me, nobody did and nobody was willing to take my calls anymore. I was by design and intent declared a dead man walking, which culminated in my brother being murdered and ZANU PF celebrating.

Even after realizing that they killed the wrong man, they tried numerous times to assassinate me, by the grace of God I am alive to tell the story.

What happened later, I leave you to read the statement by the person who was tasked to kill me below, the statement of which is part of the USA law suit, Joice Mujuru might not have realized that while she enjoyed the blood of her fellow countrymen, we were busy documenting her involvement.

Joice Mujuru was so fixated with my death such that she ordered in person the person who failed to kill me to be killed. I have access to over 1000 pages of atrocities committed across the country after 1999. An account by Sarudzai Chinoto [Chimurenga name: Cde Zulu] Elliot Pfebve’s head of security — 10 May 2000.

“I was kidnapped at Dande Store and beaten and left for dead with axes, spears and sticks. I was helped to escape to Mozambique since we are near the border. It’s about 4 kms to the border from my house. I tried to escape but I was seriously wounded along the way there was a land mine company called Minetec, which was removing land mines and the doctor gave me treatment.

In Mozambique I decided to look for my relative Kagogoda who is a Mozambican. I fought in the Frelimo before Zimbabwean liberation struggle started in 1971 and then joined ZANLA forces, I operate alongside Rex Nhongo and Joice Teurai Ropa Nhongo, so I knew the area very well. . My relative John had already heard of the fighting at Dande and he gapped into Mozambique to find Kagogoda.

Then John went out to look for cigarettes and he was captured by the Frelimo police. Kagogoda was also caught, when they realised I was with them and he was told to go and find me. Joyce Mujuru had given them the order to kill me. They were told they would be paid $25,000. John was held for four days, but Kagogoda came and told me to run. I went from there to Dzete, then Nyamapanda and then to Harare.

The people who are organising this violence in my area are Gezi, Mujuru and Marodza. The youths at Kamutsenzere torture Camp were said to be paid $500 a day. The Kamsenzere school camp was under Marodza. I was there at that time of the battle in Mukumbura when the youth killed Elliot’s brother Mathew Pfebve.

Up to now, I cannot stay in one place for long as I am still under serveilance. [Note: John Zvenyika was present during the interview and confirmed this statement also adding that, ” When I was imprisoned by those Frelimo, they showed me that letter from Joice Mujuru saying that anyone who will catch and kill Zulu will be awarded $25 000.

They were thinking of telling Mujuru that they caught me. Then they decided they would release me for $4000, which Kagogoda managed to raise from Zulu. After I gave them the money I was released.”], Pfebve, (2011:80)

Extract of which is held at the USA Federal Court of America, New York, Manhattan, a court which was presided by US Federal Judge Marrero, a copy of which is held at Theodore M. Cooperstein, P.C. (Washington DC, United States of America), having represented in person by Plaintiff, Elliot Pfebve of Zimbabwe, this day of October 2000.

Now Joice Mujuru wants sympathy from her victims at the same time pouring scorn on them, because she was fired by Grace after 36 years at the helm of a barbaric and cultic party. Was it not proper to apologies of your past, and assure Zimbabweans that you have turned into a new leaf? That you should be judged on your own accord outside ZANU rather than choosing to question the logic of your victims.

You don’t know what we hold of your past atrocities or do you?



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