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Jonathan Moyo wanted to kill Chiwenga in Mgagao






01. I am a male adult bearing the above particulars aged 60 years and resides at number 7 Rosary Road, Borrowdale, Harare. I am the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development in the Government of Zimbabwe. I am also a Member of the House the Assembly for Tsholotsho North Constituency. I am a Professor of Political Science. My contact phone number is 0772 470 081.

02. I know the accused person Christopher Mutsvangwa in connection with this case and as well as a former Cabinet Minister for War Veterans, Ex-Detainess and Restrictees, Caesar Zvayi as the Editor of The Herald Newspaper, Tendai Mugabe and Lloyd Gumbo as journalists with Herald Newspaper. I also know Innocent Madonko as the Editor of the Chronicle Newspaper.

03. I recall that on the 24th of March 2017, I was in Bulawayo, I then saw a story carried in the Chronicle, on page 02, with the headline, “War Vets rally behind President”. I then read through the story and to my surprise there were some statements attacking my personal dignity. There was a statement that read “Mr Mutsvangwa did not have kind words for Professor Moyo whom he described as “small minded and sell out who wanted to cause the death of General Constantine Chiwenga during the liberation wain. He went on to say, “Professor Moyo made two attempts to escape from Mgagao training camp in Tanzania adding that his dirty history was a matter of public record as captured by Wilfred Mhanda in his book “Dzino Memoirs of a Freedom Fighter”



04. Christopher Mutsvangwa went on to say that, “that is the man (Professor Moyo) who was brought in the party by General Solomon Mujuru. He was recovered and brought back in the party. Now he stays at State House. Our state machinery are guarding at the gate to protect the revolution. That man was parachuted to State House. He is now causing havoc in fact to try and fire the cause of counter revolution from the top. In war we know how to deal with sellouts”.

Christopher Mustvangwa further stated that, “Now you can understand that people are imposed on us with such people, a man whose tentacles are found everywhere as if he is the Prime Minister of this Government yet he has not been appointed formally. A man who steals ZIMDEF money.

Then he goes about killing elephants through cyanide poisoning so that he sells ivory to raise money to build a stadium in his home area. He lacks vision”. The above story was written by the two journalist Lloyd Gumbo and Tendai Mugabe and published by the Herald and Chronicle newspapers on the 24th of March 2017.

05. At around 0800 hours the same day while I was on the plane from Bulawayo to Harare I came across the same story in the Herald on page 02, carrying the heading, “War veterans rally behind President”. According to the two newspaper articles, Christopher Mutsvangwa uttered the words while addressing a War Veterans meeting held in Harare on the 23rd of March 2017.

07. The two journalists and their editors are in Contravention of Section 95 of Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23 (Criminal Insult) for publishing the above story in their publications without verifying the facts and with an intention to criminally insult me. According to the story by these journalists Christopher Mutsvangwa uttered these statements criminally insulting me while addressing a war veterans meeting that was held on the 23rd of March 2017 at City Sports Centre, Harare.

08. In my view Christopher Mutsvangwa uttered the words that I wanted to cause the death of General Constantine Chiwenga to incite the war veterans to cause harm against me by making them to falsely believe that I at any time unlawfully sought to cause the death of their Commander, General Constantine Chiwenga. Furthermore, Christopher Mutsvangwa told the War Veterans that I used cyanide to poison elephants in order to get the ivory as a deliberate criminal insult to undermine my dignity as person and my standing as a Cabinet Minister.

09. The claim that I sought to have General Constantine Chiwenga killed in Mgagao or anywhere else at any time is a total fabrication with no factual basis whatsoever. It is also totally false and baseless that I at any time used cyanide to poison elephants in order to sell the ivory for any purpose.

10. The accussed persons also Contravened Section 61 paragraph 5 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Number 20.

10. The accused person had no right whatsoever to act in the manner which they did.

Jonathan N. Moyo

Recorded by: 04101A Detective Inspector CHAFA
Date: 30/03/17
Time: 1322 Hours
Place: New Government Complex, Central Ave, Harare


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