Jonathan Moyo humiliated during his speech


Professor Jonathan Moyo was recently humiliated in Masvingo when the majority of Zanu PF members walked out as he spoke.

Moyo who is the secretary for Science and Technology in the ruling party Politiburo chaired the disorganised meeting with the assistance of committee member George Rutanhire of the Herbert Chitepo Ideological School which was attended by all the seven administrative districts of Masvingo.

Delegates wanted to talk about factionalism that has torn apart the party. But Moyo, part of the G40 faction, wanted to discuss other matters.


Moyo acknowledged that the state of the economy needed urgent attention if the party was to avoid embarrassment at the 2018 polls.

“The economy is going to be our biggest enemy and if we fail to address this we will not make it in 2018,” said Prof Moyo.


Moyo jonathan


He also told the meeting that corruption was rampant in the country and the Police, Zimra and Lands Ministry were the biggest culprits as a result the Anti-Corruption Commission has been placed under the direct supervision of the President.

Moyo wanted delegates to ask questions on his address but delegates had more issues outside the address. Moyo’s guided questions annoyed many who then started leaving.

One delegate asked why suspensions of members at grass root level was done on the recommendation of party leaders instead of the people on the ground who have better information on those people.

Moyo said the question was not proper. The delegates unanimously spoke against bond coins. A member from Mwenezi said corruption will not go away in Zimbabwe because Police never act when reports are made.

“We are left with no option except not to report corruption because the Police, the chefs and the top leadership seem to be working hand in glove to promote corruption.

“When a big fish is arrested the matter ends where it started as we do not see the results of the arrests and that discourages people from reporting corruption,” said the irate member.

Despite repeated efforts by Prof Moyo to calm members and discourage them from leaving the hall, they did not heed his calls as they either heckled those asking questions or walked out in defiance.

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