Jonathan Moyo in fresh Twitter drama,disowns Zimasset


Zanu PF trusted propagandist Professor Jonathan Moyo this morning made a stunning climb-down as he disowned Zanu PF election blueprint – ZimAsset.

Moyo crafted the wishlist 2013 election pamphlet that was later adopted as the country’s five year economic guideline.

Under ZimAsset, ZanuPF pledged to create a massive 2.2 million jobs, among a string of promises.


However, since 2013 thousands of people have been retrenched.

This morning, in an exchange on Twitter, Moyo dropped the bombshell when engaging with opposition Zimbabwe People First Party members.

Moyo blamed Joice Mujuru for the document and its dramatic failure

Before being kicked out of Zanu-PF, Mujuru said it would take 40 years for ZimAsset to be implemented.

Reads part of Moyo’s post “Ask Joice Mujuru. She chaired the meeting that approved the Manifesto with that pledge. Rugare Gumbo knows this!”.

That was seen as a climbdown by Mujuru’s party.

It hit back “@ProfJNMoyo You stoop very low when challenged you appropriated Dr Gift Mugano’s document & changed it’s scope to make it campaign document.

“@ProfJNMoyo She had the foresight to tell you that this was too ambitious and could not be achieved in 5 years but you insisted lying to the Zimbabwean people that you could meet those pledges.

“in other words, you are saying #ZimAsset is no longer a zanu document? You are confirming its demise as stated in our thread”.

“Are you so blind to the poverty, destitution and hardships around you? Where is your compassion as a person and as a government?

“Just provide the 2.265 million jobs so that millions of youths can be gainfully employed and move on with their lives.

“How many times have you said be care careful? We refuse to be slaves of our past. No amount of blackmail will deter us.

“Dr Mujuru no longer in gvt so why this fixation? Deal with challenges confronting nation & not pass the buck”.

Moyo did not respond. That attracted scores of followers to join in.

@Wananchii wrote “@ProfJNMoyo @ZimPeopleFirst you are silly, now disowning your manifesto”
Added another user

“@ZimPeopleFirst @ProfJNMoyo it doesn’t matter who chaired that meeting. ..who drafted that deceiving manifesto? . No one is responsible now”.

LungaAB added “@ProfJNMoyo @ZimPeopleFirst But it’s not Joice who is in power and it wasn’t Joice’s pledge but a ZANU one. Where are the jobs?”.

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