Jonathan Moyo: The ‘Professor’ of Zimbabwe’s economic misery and ‘smart sanctions’


The year 1977 will never be forgotten in the history of Zimbabwe, Rhodesian forces carried out their deadliest attack at Chimoio on 23 November 1977. Reports are that, Morrison Nyathi betrayed the struggle and worked together with the Rhodesian forces during the attack. The purpose of this article is to support the idea that, Jonathan Moyo is another Nyathi, but this time involved in the destruction of the economy of Zimbabwe. This article supports the idea that Jonathan Moyo brought sanctions and suffering in Zimbabwe.

Just like the way Zimbabweans remember Nyathi today, Jonathan Moyo shall be also remembered the same way in the next one million years. The Zimbabwean economic problems started to become worse in 2000; it was the constitutional referendum of 22 February 2000 that sent shock waves to ZANU PF and Mr. R.G Mugabe.

In response to the shocks raised by the outcome of the constitutional referendum, Mr. R.G Mugabe appointed Jonathan Moyo a Minister of state for Publicity & Information in the President’s Office.


In trying to remedy the shocks caused by the constitutional referendum result, Jonathan Moyo introduced four bills which resulted in human rights abuses, closure of media, poor investor confidence and ‘smart sanctions’.


Jonathan Moyo will be remembered for human rights abuses which started from 2001 and the human rights situation was worsened by the above bills introduced by the former propaganda minister. When he (Jonathan Moyo) brought AIPPA before the Parliament, the then Chairperson of the Legal Committee Dr. E. Zvobgo responded by saying;

‘I can say without equivocation that this bill, in its original form, was the most calculated and determined assault on our liberties guaranteed by the constitution, in the 20 years I served as a cabinet minister’

Zvobgo was the first Zimbabwean to envisage the potential disaster of AIPPA and today, Zimbabwe is rated number two in human rights abuses after Syria. Comrade Chinamasa Patrick was also fingered to be the helper of Jonathan Moyo when he crafted AIPPA.

This man (Moyo) crafted POSA in 2002 with the aim of repealing LOMA (Law & Order Maintenance Act). Evidence on the ground has shown that POSA and LOMA are brothers just like ‘Jono & Nyathi’.

Just after the birth of POSA and AIPPA, journalists/photographers were arrested and the harassment of the journalists became the order of the day.

The Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ) was closed on 12 September 2003, Daily News and the Daily News on Sunday were buried by Jonathan Moyo. Freedom of speech was no longer allowed in the public, that was the period that Zimbabweans stopped enjoying all liberties guaranteed by the constitution of Zimbabwe.

The human rights record in Zimbabwe worsened because of the Jonathan Moyo bills and in response to the situation, ‘smart sanctions’ were introduced to some individuals in Zimbabwe. BSA and ZBCA were introduced by Jonathan Moyo in order to ZUNUPFNIZE media in Zimbabwe.

Minister Jonathan Moyo gave himself excessive powers to control media, the minister of information and publicity has powers to close radio, TV Station and Newspapers. The minister has powers to give license (to radio & TV Stations) that is why SUPA Mandiwanzira was given a radio station by Jonathan Moyo and Zimbabweans have no faith in the radio stations given to ZANU PF children by POSA & AIPPA.

If you want to think a little bit deeper, you will realize that, Jonathan Moyo destroyed Zimbabwe by introducing POSA, AIPPA, BSA & ZBCA and will be remembered as the founder of human rights abuses in Zimbabwe and hangman of media freedom.

Jonathan Moyo will be remembered as the Judas Iscariot of our time and there is no doubt that, his resting place is hell. Jonathan Moyo did not only destroy media freedom and human rights in Zimbabwe, he is also a land grabber. Media reports are that, Moyo is not effectively utilizing the land that he grabbed, he is said to be the owner of;


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