Jonso Mudapakati encounters Woman anotambisa GARO 1 ku Wenera


Jonso Mudapakati encounters Woman anotambisa GARO 1 ku Wenera. The chronicles of Jonso Mudapakati in Mzansi continues, this time Jonso tells us his story on how he met the BOOTILICIOUS Woman who could twerk and shake 1 of her BOOTY.

Jonso writes to Masasi eHarare: After getting a R20 Makosha in joburg CBD i swore to myself that i am going to be classy from now on. I wanted to party with the best and the cream dela cream of Mzansi Celebs. I saved up money and called my friend Tiki and we planned to rock a Sandton Night Spot called Taboo.

Vakafa havana chavakaona is what i said when we got into the Fancy Sandton Night Club. Mababy kwese kwese vamwe vasina kupfeka zvemukati and you could clearly see munda wezvese! We found a place to sit and we were watching to see how things would go. In no time the CLUB was packed to capacity and there were women dancing and shaking it. That is when i saw her the sexy lady anotambisa GARO 1, she was on stage dressed in a short number that pronounced her ASSETS and shaking it like there is no tomorrow. I said to Tiki “baba i am not going home Wenera irikunaka”!


I waited for her to finish dancing and i went over there and asked her name and she repied: “My name is Tasha and you can’t afford me!” With that she wanted to the bathrooms. I just stood there shocked and couldn’t move. I had found the one but i was sure i was out of my league…… To be continued