Entertainment & Zim Celebs Jonso Mudapakati gets a LapDance from Woman anotambisa Garo 1

Jonso Mudapakati gets a LapDance from Woman anotambisa Garo 1


Jonso Mudapakati gets a LapDance from Woman anotambisa Garo 1. Jonso’s adventures in Joburg Continues. Remember last time he went to Taboo Night Club where he saw a woman anotambisa Garo 1…… To better understand this section of the story first read

Jonso Mudapakati encounters Woman anotambisa GARO 1 ku Wenera

Jonso said:

As i stood there looking at the woman with the BIG B00TY i couldn’t contain myself i just wanted her, i wanted her to be mine and mine alone… I waited for her to get out of the bathrooms and i made my move. I knew from her earlier statement that the only way to get this girl was to act dumb and pretend to be very rich. So i set the plan in motion…. I went to her and said “Hello… me Jonso from Zimbabwe here to sell Diamond” When she heard the word Diamond her eyes sparkled and she developed a smile…. At that moment i knew she was mine. She pushed me onto a chair and started to dance over me… I think that is what they call a LapDance. She was shaking and moving up and down and i enjoyed every moment of it. I didn’t want to talk much as i was afraid i would spoil the moment. I just kept quiet and held on to the beautiful lady who was shaking it on my laps.



Then the moment i have been waiting for came… she said: “Jonso do you want to go to my house for some extra service and dancing?” i said yes and she said: “you know that it will cost you right?” I replied her… “baby don’t worry money is not a problem”. She smiled and stood up and held my hand as she led the way to the meter taxis outside the club…. I forgot that i was with Tiki my dear friend also i didn’t have any money to pay the woman after paying the taxi. Then i rememberd the ultimate trick the play of all plays and i said i will do it. We call it CHIPOKO ROUND!….. To be continued….