Home Crazy News Jonso Mudapakati picks up a Joburg Magosha for R20 per Round

Jonso Mudapakati picks up a Joburg Magosha for R20 per Round


Jonso Mudapakati picks up a Joburg Magosha for R20 per Round. The chronicles of Jonso in Mzansi continues this time he expalins to us how he picked up a Magosha (hure) in broad daylight in Joburg CBD. Here is the Jonso Story…

I was in jozi for a week now and i have been to places that i never thought existed. One thing i concluded about Mzansi people is that they all love to party and have fun. So since i wanted to blend in, i had to party with them. I did what they did and i blended in.

I had found a job in Construction and as i was on my way in a taxi, i saw something SHOCKING. in broad daylight in the middle of the street women in short skirts and nothing else were hustling the streets and working. I would see men talking them up and they would disappear into an abandoned building. The man always comes out smiling, thats how i knew that his thirst was QUENCHED.


I wanted to find out by myself what exactly was happening in those abandoned buildings. Saturday was my off day so i went in Jozi CBD and i spotted my sponono, the beautiful lady was in a thin short mini skirt that would make any man’s imagination go wild. I went over there and spoke to her and was expecting to be charged lots of money but was only told its R20. We disappeared into the building and i came out smiling but was shocked when the women started to speak in Shona. Like a normal man i took her phone number and promised to call her whenever i needed more thirst quenching…..

The story continues….


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