Joy as Prophet dishes out anointed apples that cure all afflictions


RIGHT Light Ministries International leader,prophet Brighton Chikomo,on Sunday used 41 apples and 12 roses to perform miracles during his service.

Members of the flock,mainly single ladies,scrambled for apples and roses during the service as they sought deliverance.

“May this spirit,which does not allow you to get married,come out now?From here,you are going to be married,”shouted Prophet Chikomo to cast out spirits.


He also gave another woman a prophecy where he correctly told her the name of her child.Another woman from Harare who works in a salon was also ‘fished’ from the crowd and told the nature of her job.

An elderly man also confessed that he regained his sight after eating the rose and apples.Not to be outdone was an elderly woman who confessed that her son was no longer taking beer.Chikomo said he will open branches in Harare and Norton next.

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