JOYCE MUJURU face $5m S-E-X lawsuit


Expelled Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) founding members Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo are preparing a $5 million lawsuit against Joiyce Mujuru over her sex allegation claims.

“You basically accused our clients of trying to persuade you to mate with all of the men in the party.

“Our clients take grave exception to these statements,” Gerald Mlotshwa, of Titan Law Chambers, who are representing the pair wrote in a letter addressed to  Mujuru on Monday.


“You knew fully well that the words were uttered that our clients desired such activity from you.

JOYCE MUJURUYou words were malicious and deliberately intended to tarnish our clients’ respective reputations and images.

“We have an instruction to demand from you on behalf of our clients, as we, hereby, do, a full retraction of your allegations along with a public apology in respect of the unfounded statements made denigrating our clients” reads the letter as reported by NewsDay.

“Should we not have received any such retraction and public apology by close of business [tomorrow], we will have no option, but to proceed with our client’s further instructions to sue you in the High Court in the combined amount of $5 million”.