Local News Judge in shock divorce offer

Judge in shock divorce offer


A High Court judge has offered his estranged wife several goats as a final settlement in their divorce fight.

Justice David Mangota is divorcing Roselyne Grenny Mangota (nee Mdumo), his wife of 30 years  over accusations and counter accusations of having divergent beliefs in the practice of cultural and mystical activities.

“The plaintiff’s claim against the defendant is for a decree of divorce and an order declaring that the plaintiff is the sole owner of cattle acquired during the marriage and the defendant is the sole owner of goats acquired during the marriage,” Mangota pleaded.


divorce fight.The application follows the parties’ failure to reach a divorce settlement at a pre-trail conference last month, automatically meaning the matter has to go to a full trial. Mangota further intimated to the court that he was afraid that in the proceedings he would be forced to divulge his salary.

“As can be noted from the joint pre-trial conference minutes, the issue of maintenance forms part of the trial and it is evident that I will have to disclose my salary and, as a result, my salary would be awash in the Press. My salary as well as other judges’ (salaries) is a private issue which should not be publicised, but should remain a secret for the sake of the position a judge holds in society,” Mangota pleaded.

The application is likely to be heard when the High Court resumes after recess next month.