Juvenile so_domises his 10 year old brother,blames TV


A 15-year-old boy so_domised his 10-year-old younger brother after seeing the act on TV, a court heard.

The teenager from Chiwundura will receive two cane strokes after a regional magistrate Morgan Nemadire convicted him of so_domising his younger brother.

He pleaded guilty to aggravated indecent assault charges and was given a wholly suspended two-year sentence on condition that two strokes with a rattan cane are administered to him for the offence.


“I admit that I committed the offence. I saw it being done on TV and I thought of trying it as well. I did not realise that I was harming my little brother,” he said.

Prosecuting, Andrew Marimo told the court that on February 28 this year, the boy, a form two pupil from Mabhungu Village under Chief Chiwundura called his 10-year-old brother who was playing outside the spare bedroom.

When the minor got into the room, the teenager undressed him before so_domising him once.
The boy reported the matter to his aunt, who in turn made a police report leading to the juvenile’s arrest

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