Home Entertainment Kapfupi accused of witchcraft and casting a spell

Kapfupi accused of witchcraft and casting a spell


The comedian Charles “Marabha” Milisi is accusing his colleague Freddy Manjalima aka Kapfupi of casting a spell on him.

Marabha who is very sick is alleging that Kapfupi sends his goblins to attack him and sometimes his fingers change to that of a baboon.

“When the goblins attack me l feel dizzy and lose my mind, my family tells me the spirit speaks saying ‘we want meat and blood, l am Freddy Manjalima ‘Kapfupi’,” he is quoted saying.


However, Kapfupi vehemently denied the allegations saying he has no hand in Marabha’s sickness instead he suspects that he is going crazy.


“I don’t have a hand in his sickness (Marabha) in fact l do not even know he is sick.

“I recall sometime back he was hit with a stone in the head and spent some days in hospital I guess his brain and blood clotted hence he is now insane,” said Kapfupi.

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