My Brother F#cked my Beautiful WIFE Part 1


My Brother F#cked my Beautiful WIFE Part 1. This is a 3 part story and it starts with Irvin taking to his wife Jill after he caught her poking his brother in their bed.

Irvin: how could you do this to me Jill? I trusted you and gave you all that you wanted but still you went ahead and cheated on me!

Jill: I am so sorry, you know I love you but I love him more..


Irvin: listen to yourself for a bit? You love him more? That’s my brother you are talking about! You know what you 2 deserve each other!

With that Jill and I got a divorce seems she loved my older brother more. I was in Pain Masasi eHarare, I didn’t know who I should hate more my older brother or her.

Sometimes I laugh at myself because it seems I got myself into this whole mess. My older brother Jamal has always been sort of a badass, he was chased out of his house by his wife when she caught him poking with the maid. I was nice enough and took him in and provided shelter for him.

He was not working and that meant he got to spend lots of time at home with my wife when I was at work. I tried getting him jobs to do but he always had excuses. It seemed he really enjoyed sitting around and being irresponsible.

To me Jamal and Jill never got along, Jill always said she hated Jamal because he cheated on his wife and so she didn’t like the idea of spending days or months  with him. But as the months went along I could sense a difference in their behaviour, I liked the idea of my wife getting along with my brother as they were family. But I didn’t know that I was being deceived.

It didn’t take long for me to catch them in the act. I got home from work and saw them POKING and when I asked Jamal, he simply said “ask your wife, she will answer you better”

This is when I found out that the 2 were in “love” so we got divorced and I chased them out. I didn’t see any reason of keeping 2 cheaters in my house. I was in pain but I thought it was better since I found out early and so I can try to move on and sort my life out.

We had been married 3 years and didn’t have any kids so moving on wasn’t that difficult. I guess when you really love someone you let them go for real. But in my case the pain of my brother stealing my wife was enough to erase all the love I ever felt for Jill.

I don’t know where the 2 moved to but I cut communication with them the moment the divorce was final. I dedicated my life to Christ and so I managed to remove anger from my heart and I was looking for a brighter future. I knew that my God would never let me down…..

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