Kembo Mohadi hires helicopter for daughter’s wedding


State Security minister Kembo Mohadi splashed his wealth on Saturday in Beitbridge as he hired a helicopter for his daughter’s wedding.


His daughter, Audrey got married to Isheanesu Chikoto at a lavish ceremony at Beitbridge Rainbow Hotel.


According to pictures, the newly weds arrived aboard a helicopter – ZS-RJE.

Sources who attended the wedding said the couple arrived at the border town by plane and later picked up by the helicopter at the aerodrome.

“It was really a show of wealth by Mohadi family. Beitbridge came to a standstill and the helicopter took over the airspace.

“I can say close to 1000 people were invited…

“Minister Mohadi and his wife spoke strongly against child marriages”.

Source: Byo24News

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