Kudyiwa mboro neSmall house paBirthday Rangu! – PART 2 – Kubonyora here wakaroora???


We had good bedroom ethics and chemistry imi…tainakirana … i did all I knew naye iye akandidzidzisa zvimwe we would fuk the whole day stopping to eat then starting again se.xual marathons we used to call it . At times mboro yangu would bruise nekusvira chete . The chemistry was out of this world .She was a good cook and dressed really well .Wifey qualities… But kwete yaisava candidate yekuState house ndevekumaDistricts anaChido ava anokuhurira wamuroora.She was my mum’ s favourite and she never ceased to tell me kuti …” Uchamufunga musikana uyu .”I gave her the mother of heartbreaks when i decided to end it I lived to regret…… this was the worst decision of my life .

Neboys dzangu we always used to discuss these things and we all agreed munzwa wekuroora ivirgin mhandara izere. So I got myself kavirgin a born again christian aipinda AFM .We had a massive wedding u know …talk of Kambuzuma .A twenty year old Chiedza ndakatushura ndikatumbura ndega and it pained me to see her cry my sweet innocent baby .She could not walk for days poor soul after ndamuboora. So there i had it recipe for happiness kavirgin ..eight years my junior she was a secretary at Edgar’s First Street . I would train her myself kwete kuwana a road runner sana Chido. Well my innocent lovely Chiedza got us two lovely kids one boy and a girl …daddy’s apple .

I loved my kids to death and loved my wife for life. We now had a lovely house on one acre in Chisipite with lush gardens and a pool .Was cruising in a  Land Cruiser …Life was supposed to be great but was it ?? From outside every thing looked fine but come inside there was chaos . Mheremhere chaiyo. Our marriage seemed to be at a standstill whilst every other aspect of my life blossomed my marriage remained at its infancy . Confused ? Yes u don’t understand . Lemme break it down for you .. My wife remained kavirgin that I persuaded ,,coerced ,bribed ,blackmailed and sweet talked into having s.ex on our honeymoon the first night of marriage.The day I took humhandara hwake.She did not mature, improve ,change ,she did not learn ,she did not become a woman she remained a girl .she loved saying ..””ndiwe wakandibvisa humhandara”” and heee !Virg!nity yangu ….ndiwe wakanditanga ehh vakithi…this and that ….sighs! sighs !!yawn ……grrrrh!!! Every two to three days I would get that line … oh how I wish there was a shop for hymens I would buy hers back and give it back to her so that I would have my life back .


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