KuSeducer Temporary Teacher in his Store Room Part 1 – Confessions of a Form 6 Girl


KuSeducer Temporary Teacher in his Store Room – Confessions of a Form 6 Girl. Our teacher took maternity leave last term and so we got a new temporary teacher. I knew it was wrong but i fell in love with our new teacher the first day i saw him. I could not even pay attention in his class anymore.

One day it so happens i failed his paper and he called me to his store room. Haa ndakamhanya waya ini. I knew it was business with him but i wanted to show him that i was there and i was in love with him. I finished my lessons and went to the toilets and changed my skirt and wore my very short gym skirt. Mukati manga musna chinhu i left the nyini on display. I went to see him and i knocked, He said come in and i went in.

I stood at the door and the man didn’t say anything, it was like he was seeing me for the first time. Teacher struggled to even contrate on his marking job. I smiled my killer Angelina Jolie smile and he just lost it. Makumo eTan and as a yellow born pakave nehondo kuna Temporary Teacher. He coughed for a bit struggling to create a coherent sentence. He suddenly sttod up and said “Joyline don’t worry see you tomorrow in class” he said this as he was going to the door and opened it.


I looked him over and that is when i saw it. Pamberi petrouser ravo was this HUGE Bulge that looked like there was a crazy angry SNAKE inside. I looked at him and looked down to show him kuti ndaona nyoka in his trouser. His face literally turned RED and i walked out of the room with him standing at the door. I smiled at him and left ……

To be continued….. Part 2 Coming soon…


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