Kusvira Married woman in a Hotel Room i was WORKING in Hubby wacho achitamba GOLF


Kusvira Married woman in a Hotel Room i was WORKING in Hubby wacho achitamba GOLF. I moved from Zimbabwe to Cape Town and got a job at a BIG Hotel at the Waterfront. I was working as a Barman or Waiter when i wanted to get money via tips… Things were interesting because i got to meet a lot of celebrities especially those from Mzansi who are always at the hotel. I got so popular at my job that i was getting hired to do private parties as a barman.

One day i worked on a party that was a big one and i am sure i saw a few celebs in the crowd. All was good and i made about R3500 that night and i was happy. A week later a woman in room 713 called room service and requested i wait on her and her husband as it was their 10th Marriage Anniversary. I said it was all good as i knew those usually come with good tips.

So i took the order and went upstairs and knocked on room 713. A beautiful lady opened the door and was smiling. She looked at me and greeted me like she knew me but i wasn’t sure if i had met her. She explained that she was at the party that i was at the week before. She said she got my number from the hosts of the party… Now i felt comfortable and started setting up the table. She smiled and stopped me, told me to sit down as she wanted to talk to me about something.


Akataura nyaya yake and she wanted me kuti ndimusvire and she could record it for her husband as a surprise present. She explained that her husband aida kuti asvirwe nemumwe murume and has been pushing her for years. Saka she said she chose me to be the man and would pay me R7500 to do that. I pretended like i was thinking for a minute but i knew kuti even for free mai ava ndaisvira. Saka i shook my head and asked if my face had to be in the video and she said she will crop out my face but R20 000 if i want my face in there. A broad smile came to my face and i shook my head yes to the R20K.

She smiled and said i have to keep my uniform on to show her hubby just how dirty she was.. I asked her where her husband was and she told me that he was playing golf somewhere with his business partners. We got to work and started setting up the cameras and she was taking a bath. I went in and took a bath as well and was given some expensive cologne. I felt confident and i smelled rich… at least i knew i would be R20000 richer by the end of today. I came back to the room to find her dressed like this….

Kusvira married woman in hotel room

Haa ndakabvuma hangu kuti Nyika yeSouth Africa ine vakadzi vakanaka. I wanted kumusvira ipapo but she told me to slow down. She started dancing around swaying to the music and told me kuti ndirare paBed.

She kept dancing and told me to stand… ndokuuya kuzondikisser ndichinyatsobuda paCamera. I kissed her back ndokutanga kubata kasexy bum kake. Haa apa ndanga ndapinda machena chaiwo kusvira baby akanaka kudai and getting paid for it. Akanditi ndidye beche rake and though it was my first time i was glad to and i asked her to show me how best to do it and she directed me.

Ndakadya beche for the first time and its not that BAD trust me Masasi eHarare. Its actually interested and funny enough mboro yangu yakamira zvehasha when i was in the act….

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