Kusvirisa baba vekuVID kuti ndiwane license EASY


Kusvirisa baba vekuVID kuti ndiwane license easy. Ndakaziva kuti  $200 yaidiwa handina and so I told the instructor that I wanted  a one on one meeting nababa vacho vekuVID and he was nice enough to set it up. We went paVID paEastley in Harare and met the man and I told him straight up that I could not afford the money but I was a clever girl and I could fine dzimwe means to make it up to him.

He was dense so he didn’t get what I meant kusvika anoona kuti as I spoke ruoko rwangu was mukati mekashort skirt kangu. He smiled when he saw me and he shook his head saying “yes that can work..” Ndakaziva kuti it was now left to me to do a good job driving so i knew i had my license already.. Don’t get me wrong i am a good driver but stories are even when you are very good driver you might just be FAILED on a technicality. I had come all the way from Cape town to get my license and i was not going to fail it.

So Saturday was my day and so i went and it was all good hey and i drove well from the drums, parallel parking and the town test drive.. I got back and was headed my blue paper that claims that i was now a driver. I was happy and i was in a good mood. Manheru acho i got a text from Baba VekuVID and we met at Mega 2 in Hatfield as i was staying there with my sister. He was a nice old man, he bought me meat and sadza and we ate. Then we had a few beers until we went to his car. He said he was working Sunday so could not spend all night out.


Kusvirisa baba vekuVID kuti ndiwane license EASY

Sezvo he was married we couldn’t go to his place saka last best option was kusvirana mumota. Ini i said we can do that coz ndakambosvirirwa mumota before saka vndakati lets do it and just thinking about kusvirwa nababa ava ndanga ndakatota all day even when i was driving… Tichipinda mumota ndakavatambidza condom and ndokusimudza skirt yangu mudenga, 1 thing SA has taught me is kugara ndisina panty is comfortable. So vachipfeka condom ndakabva ndagarira mboro i was shocked ndichirinzwa richipinda mandiri and raive zihombe. That is when i realised kuti sei mamwe mababy achida madhara coz mboro dzavo vanadzo.

Ndakatambisa chiuno ndokurova chikapa ndikaona kuti baba ava vakatenderera musoro. Ndakarova ndokurova and pasina nguva murume akatunda… I was almost there saka ndakangonyeperawo kunge ndatunda and gave him a good show. Ndakaramba ndichitambisa chiuno kusvika vati it was enough…  After that he took me home and told me that i was welcome to call him or to refer any other women interested in the same deal… I said ok kissed him on the forehead and i went inside… easy peasy….

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