Kusvirwa naBoss weMurume wangu to help him get a Promotion


Kusvirwa naBoss weMurume wangu to help him get a Promotion… Its a crazy World these day and the first time hubby said it i shouted at him and told him to sleep in the lounge because i didn’t want him near me… How could my very loving husband ask me to have S-E-X with his boss for a promotion to the vice president of the company…

As i switched off the lights, i started thinking and wondering how important this job was to hubby and to me as well and so i found it hard to fall asleep. So i walked over to the lounge and woke up hubby who was already asleep. I told him i would do it but he must not bother me after or call me names. We agreed and told each other that we were in love and it was just for the money… I laughed and said “we are mahure the both of us…. “He laughed with me and we hugged.

Ipapo i was shocked kunzwa mboro yake yakamira and so i asked… “is that for me or you are thinking of me ndichisvirwa naBoss wako and getting excited?” He was an honest man so he said it was a bit of both. Musi uyu something happened because ndakasvirwa zvandisati ndamboitwa kumba. It was like i was with a different man… Ndakaita kuzvamburwa and i enjoyed every moment of it…


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Zuva rekusvirwa naManager rakasvika and ndakapfeka my short dress that hubby had bought for me using the company’s credit card and very expensive shoes.. I felt beautiful and i looked beautiful. For the first time hubby allowed me to drive alone to the Raddison Hotel in Sandton ooh yeah i had not mentioned that we stayed in Johannesburg.

So i got there and went to the hotel room and i found the BOSS was there, he was a nice man and we spoke for a bit and he helped me relax. I asked him why such a deal with my husband and he replied that being a VP of a company needs a man in control who is not afraid to take risks even if the actions affect his closest family, he must learn to adapt to any situation. It made sense and so i said lets get it over with….

I wanted it over and done with but Boss had other plans, he called room service and we got a delivery. He ordered me kuti ndibvise hembe dzese and open the door ndisina hembe and get the room service. I was frightened and excited at the same time. I did what he asked and i had goose bumps all over me. Ndakavhura door and the waiter was shocked with what he saw.. He handed me the expensive bottle of wine and stood there waiting for his tip. Boss then shouted from the back that he didn’t have any tip… a moment later he said ndibatise waiter mazamu angu as tip…. I smiled and gave the waiter a feel and she was all smiles… I went back in with the wine and the Boss was sitted smiling holding 2 glasses… We had wine and danced a bit.. inini ndanga ndisina hembe all this time and i felt comfortable and excited.

we finished the bottle of wine and he asked me for a lapdance and i gave him willingly… After which i felt so hot and beche rangu rayiita kuyerera. Ndakaita wekukumbira kuti andisvire because i was gonna go crazy… Akandisvira and after which i understood why he had to blackmail my hubby into this… He told me he had wanted to hook up with me since the day he saw me dancing at the company party a few yrs ago.. and most of all he was always unlucky with women because of the size yemboro yake… Yaisava diki and yaisava hombe, it was huge… Isu semaBaby akakurira kuHarare nanaJoice Makuhwa taiziva kuti mboro hombe inobatwa sei. So i showed him a nice time and most of all told him it was a one time thing… but to be honest ndakanaikwa.. I lost count yekuti ndakatunda kangani and i had fun….

I return home and told hubby all that happened. I thought achatsamwa but haana instead akatondisvira ndisina kana kugeza akatondidya beche after all that… Imagine the love… Now hubby is the VP of the company and we are living pretty!


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