Kusvirwa naDoctor Aiva NeziMboro Zihombe Kuma Avenues!


So, ndanga ndane about 2 months ndamover to Harare, saka ndanga ndakawana kabed sitter kumaAvenues kudhuze nekuwest end clinic. At first i didn’t want something like that but i was getting comfortable with the rentals. I wanted a 1 bedroomed apartment as i thot it would best suit me with my new post.

Anyways, i was so so lonely in Harare. Most of my frenz ndanga ndasiya kuGweru and my relatives vekuno ndanga ndisina kuvajaira. I hardly had visitors except for the occasional visit from my boyfriend of which so far he had ony come twice pamwe achitongoitawo pass by zve 2 mins. Saka every night i would sit down to a bottle of wine and a book, or maybe doing some work staff palaptop pangu. Pa next door pangu paigara vamwe doctor so, i knew he was a doctor because i saw him once Ku Pari achitoita marounds and aiwanzo uya akabata stethoscope. He was a good neighbour except for one reason him and his girlfriend used fuk hard in his room and the sounds would be heard from my room. Sometimes zvaimbondibata then i would try to drown their sounds with loud music and sometimes i would just ignore. On this particular day it was a Saturday morning and i had planned to sleep on and wake up kuma 10. Ko ndaigomukirei, i wasn’t going to work.

Ndakamutswa kuma 5 am vachiita ma5ex sounds avo. And musikana wavo ainyatsochemerera. I think they were having a morning glory. I tried sleeping but it wasn’t working. I couldn’t even ignore them anymore, i also got really turned on. i started kuzvimassager mazamu angu imagining he was the one doing it. i even tried playing nechibhinzi changu trying kuti maybe ndingatunde ndikarara. It wasn’t working at all. I should remember to remind my cousin to send me a dild0 from south Africa. We had talked about it before akati achatumira. I tried whatsapping my boyfriend but i guess he was still sleeping because his fone said last seen at 11pm which is round abt the time we had done our good nyts. So i just lay there listening to them and just turned on for nothing. Ndakazomuka ndikaenda hangu kunogeza and i came back zvanani because i managed to sleep it off. Ndakamutswa nenzara then decided to go buy some stuff kumashops kuMontague. I got into my car ndobva ndanotenga hangu chingwa , wine(ndanga ndakutoita ka addiction), and some tomatoes.


Ndakudzokera kumba ndakaona hangu doc vachifamba netsoka and i decided to give him a lift even though we were about 200m from home. Vakati thanks for the lift although i was tryna get a bit of some exercise ndobva vapinda. We just said hi, made some small talk and agreed that we should hang some time. Tasvika ndatoparker ndipo pandakati haa doc murikukonzeresa. Vakati ko ndaita sei hangu ini, i then told him kuti that day in the morning i had been awoken by the sounds of him and his girlfriend were making having 5ex. He apologised and said he didn’t know the noises were getting into my house. Ndipo pandakati its ok. Ndakapinda hangu mumba then i started making brunch singing along to music from my flash yanga irikuplayer paTV.

Ndipo pakapinda whatsapp from doc vachiti kana uchiti kukonzeresa wat do u mean? I decided to humour him and told him that they were also turning me on, and it was not fair since i didn’t have anyone wekupedzera shungu . He then apologised akati he will try to be quieter. Pakambopera some minutes akati what are you up to. Told him i was making brunch, then he asked if he could join. I said you not and hapana kumbopera 5 mins panga patova neknock padoor. He came with a half a dozen of eggs and he said he was bearing gifts. Ndakatoseka hangu akapinda mumba. He started going through the list that was on the tv yemusic yairira. We started discussing the music and realised that we grew up around the same time and he was only a year older.i finished cooking and we had a good time talking tichiseka hedu.

Apa we were sitted on the floor, the only other furniture in the room was a bed , a tv, decoder, dvd and a glass table. I don’t know kuti conversation yakazosvika sei ikoko when he was asking me what turns me on, since i had been turned on by their lovemaking sounds, i started telling him and it even turned me on more. On the list panga paine hanging with a guy who can make me laugh. Akabva ati saka u are turned on so, ndikati ehe. Akabva angoswedera padhuze and he started kissing me.

After we finished brunch we sat there as he started kissing me and touching apa i was already turned on with the sounds i hear every night when his girlfriend is around.It didn’t long ndanga ndatota kunge ndazviitira wet.Ndakatanga kumubvunza kuti musikana wake ahasi kuuya here zvikanzi not today.Ndakasvirwa like i have never before i just told myself kuti since he was a Doc he knew mamwe maspots ekukoira to make me kuti nditunde more than once in a round.We tried to continue our relationships with our partners but we were lying to ourselves as we kept on cheating nekuti kusvirana kwanga kwakunakidza.

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