Kusvirwa naManager wepaLodge pataigara nemurume wangu – How i cheated for the first time


Kusvirwa naManager wepaLodge pataigara nemurume wangu – How i cheated for the first time. We had planned this holiday for months and when it was time we went to a bush lodge in Victoria Falls ini nemurume wangu. We been married 7 years now and tine vana 2. I love my husband but somehow i was tempted to cheat on him by the lodge manager.

Women please don’t judge, i have since learnt that never say never, anything can happen to anyone. I have told my husband what happened and apologised so today i decided to share it here nemi via Masasi eHarare. I see stories from others and so today here is mine.

Takasvika paLodge paye and checked in and sezvo kwayipisa ndakapfeka kaBikini kangu and went panze and sat in the pool kushallow end. The Lodge is very nice and so i was just admiring the beauty. Pasina nguva hubby came and joined me and we sat hedu chating. Pakasvika murume who introduced himself as manager of the lodge. He welcomed us and told us that our holiday package came with unlimited drinks. Hubby was happy to hear this and ordered beer hake. He took the pleaser of getting me red wine. Takagara hedu paye eating bilton and sipping on our drinks. Around 2PM hubby akasvika padhuze pangu akati it was time for sviro yedu yemasikati. Ndakaseka coz the man was acting chldish and nawty and that i loved about him. Ipapo he kissed me and we started hedu kubatana batana papool ipapo. Ndakavhura maziso ndikaona manager vachiuya from another end. Ndakaudza hubby kuti amire until we get to our room. Takabva papool and rushed kuroom tichiseka hedu. Tichingopinda ndakararisa hubby paBed and started kudya mboro yake. Hameno kuti what happened musi uyu but in a matter of seconds ndaisa mboro mukanwa mangu murume akatunda. I was shocked and angry at the same time.

Ndakaramba ndichisveta mboro iya hoping kuti ichamira ndikasvirwa sezvo i was in the mood. Hapana in like 2 minutes ndakanzwa murume akurova ngonono. I looked up and saw him fast asleep. Ipapo ndopandakatsamwa manje. I got so pissed that i left him sleeping there and went back to the pool for some peace and quiet.

Ndakapinda mupool a few times and came out ndokurara hangu on a towel. Ndakaona manager vasvika futi and he asked me if i was ok of which i told him i was fine. He told me to call hubby so we can get a tour of the place. I said hubby was sleeping so maybe later. but then manager said he would show me the spa areas and massage parlours he even promised me a free massage. The way i was tense and tired it made sense to follow the manager to the Spas.

The place truly beautiful and i enjoyed the tour. Takazosvika muroom yemamassage and paive nesign hombe yakanzi “clothing optional” and so i asked what it meant and he explained to me that vamwe vanoda mamassage avo vasina kupfeka uye some vakapfeka so in tht room i was free to do as i please.

Ndakatanga ndichinyara hangu and so ndakati i will have mine ndakapfeka bikini rangu hangu. Manager told me to lie down pasome comfy table and relax. Saka i did and in no time his hands was on my back massaging the stress away. Ndakanzwa stress yese yevana ichibuda mandiri zvekuti when he said ita so i just did ndisina kumbofunga. I was on that stage where i was very relaxed but not asleep with my eyes closed.

Ndakanzi turn around so i focus on the front and so i did. Ndakazovhura maziso angu later after ndanzwa kunyorova pazamu rangu. Ndakanzwa kunakirwa and opened my eyes to see Manager vakaisa zamu mukanwa mavo. I felt too relaxed to even move. Somehow i didn’t stop him. Pavakaona kuti handina kuvamisa he moved kuenda parimwe zamu and that was it for me ndakatunda instantly. Ndakadedera and that was it, i took charge ndokunanga paZip yavo and in no time mboro yavo was mumaoko angu. Ndakaitambisa and it felt strange kubata mboro yemumwe murume after such a long time. Excitement yacho was too much and i just said to him “ndisvirei manager asi musatundire mukati” He did exactly that and strange mboro yakandinakira iyoyo. I knew kuti it was wrong but i could not get myself to STOP.

Vakandisvira kusvika ndatunda futi and when he said ivo vakuda kutunda i had my legs locked around kumusana kwavo. I made a decision and ndokusiya manager vachitundira mukati mangu. Vachidzupura mboro yavo all types of GUILT started pouring in and i felt BAD. I got out of there running and went straight to the shower. I woke hubby up and told him what had happened and we left the LODGE ipapo. He didn’t talk to me for 2 weeks and i went and apologised via his mother. He forgave me and i moved back home and we trying to sort thing out. I have since stopped drinking and am now focusing more on making hubby happy…

Thanks for reading my story….